Highest Grossing & Top Rated Movies to Watch from 2019

Highest Grossing & Top Rated Movies to Watch from 2019
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The Favorite 

Director: Yorgos Lanthimos. Genre: historical/grotesque. Duration: 120 minutes. 

The Favorite is a film that must be seen, not only for the interpretation of the actresses, not only for the direction and its style, not only for the sublime aesthetics but because it is a work that reflects many aspects of today’s society. However, It is a film that amuses, disturbs, fascinates, and makes you think. During the screening, we do nothing but ask ourselves a simple and clear question: who will be able to checkmate the queen? 


Director: Adam McKay. Genre: biographical. Duration: 133 minutes. 

Is Vice a comedy? Not entirely, because McKay inserts dramatic moments centered above all on family affections. Since the focus on the desire for power starts right from the title: “Vice” is a clear reference to the vice of power, an element that induces McKay to make brilliant connections with Shakespeare’s Macbeth. 

Avengers: Endgame 

Director: Anthony and Joe Russo. Genre: action/science fiction. Duration: 181 minutes. 

Avengers: Endgame isn’t a perfect movie. However, it represents a perfect closure for a cinematic cycle that has made world entertainment history, willy-nilly. There have been many debates about how this long story should have ended; and many, during the vision, will be satisfied. 


Director: Dexter Fletcher. Genre: biographical/musical. Duration: 121 minutes. 

Egerton’s proof is promoted, convincing, and iridescent. So, the biopic on Elton John entertains and pampers the viewer with songs that have made up the soundtrack of many people’s lives. The direction is remarkable, particularly original in the singing sequences, a must-see film. 

The First King – The First King: Birth of an Empire 

Directed by: Matteo Rovere. Genre: epic/historical. Duration: 127 minutes. 

There are many parallels with Inarritu’s Revenant both for the relationship between man and nature and for the internal struggles and rhythms of history. Il primo re by Matteo Rovere is a more than successful, thick work, probably destined to be increasingly appreciated in the years to come as a good wine in cask. 

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