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Hermione Granger – A witch of Muggle origin, the only daughter of a pair dentists from London. One of the most important character of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, The role of Hermione granger is played by Emma Watson. you can see him in Movies, books and games.

Hermione Granger in Classroom

Granger was a top student at Hogwarts, which did not make her popular at first. Although she met Ron Weasley and Harry Potter even before the Houses assignment ceremony (she was placed in Gryffindor), The boys thought she was smug and cocky. This changed over the years Granger helped stop Professor Quirrell (Lord Voldemort) from getting the Philosopher’s Stone, and she also came the closest to discovering the secret of the basilisk, which paid off with petrification. She and her friends managed to save Harry’s godfather, Sirius Black, from a wrongful death sentence, and the events surrounding the Triwizard Tournament were the beginning of her closer relationship with Ron.

Hermione became very involved in the fight against injustice. Later, when Dolores Umbridge became the teacher of Defence Against the Dark Arts in Part 5, Hermione urged Harry to form a secret society (Dumbledore‘s Army) where they could teach each other about what was suddenly banned from the school.

Dumbledore’s Army

Just before she set out on the Horcruxes expedition, she decided to erase her parents’ memory of her, give them new identities and make them move to Australia. She feared that her ties to Potter would put her loved ones at risk. During the Battle of Hogwarts, she and Ron destroyed one of the Horcruxes. After the end of the Second Wizarding War, unlike Weasley and Potter, Hermione returned to Hogwarts and finished school. She was later employed by the Ministry of Magic in the Wizarding Law Enforcement Department (in the book Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, she is appointed Minister of Magic). She married Ron, with whom she had two children.

Hermione was distinguished by her extraordinary intelligence and diligence. At Hogwarts, she was not fond of subjects for which she could not prepare in advance (preferably from books), for example, the practical learning of flying on a broomstick. Although she always found it difficult to break the rules, she participated in adventures with the boys on equal terms. She could be very stubborn and sometimes overbearing, but these qualities were accompanied by her honesty and common sense thinking. J.K. Rowling took her name from William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. Hermione was also meant to be a slightly caricatured version of the author herself from her school days.

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