Greatest Drama Movies of All Time To Stream Right Now

Greatest Drama Movies of All Time To Stream Right Now
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Still Alice

(2014) Drama

Oscar gave to Julianne Moore as best actress for playing Alice Howland. A strong and dynamic woman who from one day to the next finds herself catapulted into the world of an early form of Alzheimer’s. Her illness will slowly lead her out of her life, making her lose contact with those she loves and with her teaching job. Still, Alice is a penetrating, subtle and delicate film that details a still little-known disease. It portrays the background and how a person lives with an illness. It shows moments of down and lucidity highlighting how Alzheimer’s is unpredictable and excruciating.

Therefore, Still, Alice is a touching and profound dramatic film, sometimes even shocking that sensitizes the viewer and the critics to the issues. We always think that nothing can scratch us and instead at the most beautiful there is always something that upsets our plans. Alice’s life, perfect from every point of view, is turned upside down by an uncontrollable disease. This is to make us understand how unpredictable life is and how important it is to live every moment fully and without remorse. still alive drama movies


(2014) Drama/Coming-of-age story

Boyhood is an independent film directed by Richard Linklater. It tells the story of a child, Mason, from the age of 6 to 19, and his relationship with his parent’s divorce and the toughest changes in his life. From college entrance to the mother’s several marriages, the conflicting relationship with her sister, and the father’s new relationship. The peculiarity of the film lies in the fact that Linklater resumes Mason’s life from the real age of the actor, i.e. he began shooting the film in 2002, and once a year until 2013 he gathered the entire cast each time to continue shooting. Thus giving an aspect of more than reality and truthfulness to the entire film. For this aspect, the film has received great ovations from critics and audiences calling it one of the director’s best films.

The element of time for director Linklater is a staple in his cinema. Indeed, as also in the sunset trilogy that came respects the same years away in reality and in the film; it is also present in Boyhood and becomes the pivot of the whole film. Because of its 11-year shoot, Boyhood has the distinction of being the film that took the longest to make. It was nominated for several Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Director and Supporting Actor, winning only the one for Best Supporting Actress which went to Patricia Arquette .boyhood drama movies


(2014) Drama

Xavier Dolan directs one of the best drama films of recent years. Mommy is about a woman, Diane, a single mother with a loaded son suffering from mental disorders that make him often enter and exit rehabilitation institutions. Kyle appears in their lives, as a new stammering and submissive neighbor who establishes a special bond with the family. The peculiarity of the film lies in its format, precisely a 4:3. An unusual format that features a shot with only one person. The so small format suggests a cage that traps a mother and a son condemned to unhappiness. After a start bordering on fun, frame after frame we move on to a level of compassion which then becomes hell. The film looks like a trap for the protagonists who are unable to get out of it as if locked in an eternal loop.

Mommy has received positive reviews on both technical and narrative purchases from critics and audiences. In particular, they praise the technical aspect of the 4:3 format, an extremely significant innovative format for the understanding of film. In fact, it causes discomfort and unhappiness not only in the protagonists but also in the spectator who watches it. An absolutely must-see film.


(2014) Sci-fi/Adventure 

Christopher Nolan’s space epic, a cosmic drama that still today divides cinephiles as to who considers it a masterpiece and who is a film full of flaws. What is certain is that a product that pushes the viewer to reflect and various existential questions. The drama here is in a family guise, and concerns that of a father and daughter, divided over time, in different realities, who touch each other but never enough. Guaranteed tears and lots and lots of fascination.

Don’t Be Bad

(2015) Crime /Drama

Probably one of the best Italian drama films of recent years. In 1995 Ostia, Vittorio (Alessandro Borghi), and Cesare ( Luca Marinelli ) have been lifelong friends and are inseparable. The two, however, are unable to give up drugs, smoking, and drug dealing. Following the hallucinations he had during one of the usual evenings, Vittorio decides to change his life by meeting Linda (Roberta Mattei), finding work as a worker, and trying to settle down. Cesare, on the other hand, can’t say goodbye to the unbridled excesses of the life he’s always known.

Claudio Caligari’s latest work , which closes the director’s trilogy and marks the end of the so-called “Pasolini” era, takes up, in many ways, toxic love, starting with the first scene which is almost the same in the two films. Caligari manages to present, in a profound and sincere way, an ever-current and worrying reality. The simplicity, clarity, and, even more, the authenticity of the dialogue contribute to making the film raw but true. A word must also be spent on the interpretations of Borghi and Marinelli who give the characters the humanity they need. don’t be bad drama movies.

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