Greatest Asian Drama Movies of All Time To Stream Now

Greatest Asian Drama Movies of All Time To Stream Now
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21 Grams

(2003) Drama /Crime

It may not be Alejandro González Iñárritu ‘s best film, but it is probably among the most dramatic ones. The story follows the lives of three characters: Paul, Christina, and Jack. Paul ( Sean Penn ) is a mathematician who has to deal with a heart problem; Christina ( Naomi Watts ) is a woman who, to deal with the loss of her husband and daughters, takes refuge in drugs; Jack ( Benicio Del Toro ) is an ex-con turned a staunch believer. The lives of the three protagonists will cross in a terrible accident.

21 Grams is the central work of the director’s Death Trilogy which includes, in addition to the aforementioned film, Amores Perros and Babel. The title refers to the so-called “weight of the soul”, ie the weight that each of us loses at the moment of death. Obviously, death is a central element of the film, as well as of the entire trilogy, and it returns several times in the story with an unsettling authenticity. The choice not to use the tripod for the camera, in various sequences, seems to highlight the emotional instability of the protagonists. As for the actors, the skill Sean Penn certainly stands out, in this film, and offers one of his best performances.21 grams drama movies


(2003) Crime /Drama /Thriller

The elephant is definitely one of Gus Van Sant’s most dramatic films. The story, freely inspired by the massacre that took place at the Columbine high school in 1999, takes up the lives of some students in a day that seems normal but will turn into a tragedy.

The realism with which Van Sant presents the story is unsettling in the eyes of the viewer who follows the movements of the protagonists within the high school as a third character. The first part of the film, slower and more peaceful, which shows the daily life of the students, contrasts with the second, which instead shows the massacre with unique speed and coldness. The sound component plays a trump card in the film, as regards the music itself but also for the noises and sounds that form the background to the actions of the boys. With its Palme d’Or for Best Film and Best Director, Elephant is a must-see film. elephant drama movies.

If You Leave Me I’ll Erase You

(2004) Drama

If You Leave Me, I’ll Gate You is a sentimental drama film starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. A story of an intense and profound love drama. The film tells how Joel’s life is turned upside down by the arrival of Clementine and her love for her. At first, the two seem to live a perfect love story, but then something changes in Clementine; so she decides to have Joel’s memories erased from her mind and start her own life over. When the boy finds out he also decides to undergo the erasure of Clementine’s memories, but then changes his mind. The film portrays love as something that corrodes people’s souls, so much so that they erase any memory of their loved one in order not to suffer. A sad story of perseverance, a struggle for love and to continue living that love that Clementine wants to forget.

In this film, we see Jim Carrey in the guise of a gloomy and lonely man who only comes back to life with love for Clementine. A different role from the usual one that the actor plays, who mainly plays roles in comedies and comedy films. Here he surpasses himself, proving his multifaceted talent. Kate Winslet also makes a great acting effort, playing a convoluted and difficult-to-code role. For this performance, she also received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. However, the film did win the coveted Best Original Screenplay award. drama movies if you leave me I’ll delete you

Million Dollar Baby

(2004) Drama /Sport

Million Dollar Baby is one of the best Clint Eastwood movies starring Hilary Swank. Thirty-year-old Maggie Fitzgerald wants to become a boxing champion. With strength and determination, she will be able to make even the boxing manager Frankie Dunn believe in her project. The two will begin training in an almost prohibitive period of time but which will lead them to establish that father-daughter bond so desired by Frankie. A Clint Eastwood in great shape, who mixes Hilary Swank’s freshness and determination with his hard and magnetic way of acting. Boxing, which should be the central theme, takes a back seat to give space to emotions, to the cruelty of life that sometimes places us in front of insurmountable obstacles.

The film has a simple and linear plot but is treated with respect to feelings, fears, and courage. All themes ensure that the tone and pace are calm but never slow. One of the best dramatic films to watch very successful that has convinced critics and audiences. Million Dollar Baby won 4 Academy Awards out of 7 nominations, all in the main categories: Best Picture, Director, Lead Actress, and Supporting Actor. drama movies million dollar baby

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