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Good Omens

Amazon Prime Video has given the green light to the third and final season of the fantasy comedy series “Good Omens”. Filming for the final tranche of episodes will begin soon in Scotland.

“Good Omens” is coming to an end

The showrunner, writer and executive producer will once again be Neil Gaiman, who, along with the late Terry Pratchett wrote the literary prototype of “Good Omens”. As we read in the official statement: the upcoming season will bring to life a chance conversation from almost 35 years ago between the writers, during which they together outlined the future fate of the characters in their best-selling novel.

The first season of “Good Omens” debuted as a limited series on Prime Video in May 2019 and became a global hit. This led to the creation of the second season, which premiered in July 2023, and its plot was expanded to include there friendship.

– I’m happy to finally finish the story that Terry and I wrote together in 1989 and 2006. Terry was determined that when Good Omens was adapted to the screen, he would be able to complete the entire story. In the first season, the heroes tried to prevent Armageddon, dangerous prophecies and the end of the world. Season two was remarkably quiet, but it could have ended on a much less happy note, as a certain Angel and Demon feared. Now, in season three, the main characters will once again have to struggle with the vision of the end of the world. Only Crowley and Aziraphale working together have the opportunity to face Armageddon, and they remain silent – said Neil Gaiman.

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