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There was Pale rider and Easy rider. There was also – oh horror! – Knight rider. Now it’s time for Ghost Rider!

While the three titles mentioned above have nothing in common, the fourth one has absolutely nothing to do with them. Well, maybe apart from the chopper and the horse. Because in Ghost Rider – after all, Ghost Rider is constantly on fire, so he has the right to feel stuffy – we also have a hellishly fast motor with a lot of horsepower on board and an insanely lively horse, alive, in an episode, and also standing, or rather – it could be This gives rise to an interesting Indian name – running in flames. Because no matter what, the creators of Ghost Rider did not spare fire.

In 1997, Nicolas Cage began his conquest of action cinema, until then known only for his dramatic roles ( Wild at Heart, Birdy, Leaving Las Vegas ). In addition to the action films: Con Air and Face/Off, he also starred in The Stronghold, where in one of the scenes he was chasing Sean Connery around San Francisco. He chased, among other things, using a motorcycle. The motorcycle was attached to a tow truck, and Cage , leaning gracefully on it, pretended to be driving and talking on his cell phone at the same time. If someone didn’t notice the tow truck then – because it wasn’t actually visible – watch carefully the shot in which the speeding motorbike and Cage. The front wheel doesn’t spin at all, just standing still. Eleven years after that motorcycle ride, Nicolas Cage clearly missed dynamic action movies and riding on a tow truck. The result of this longing is called Ghost Rider, and Nicolas Cage – for some reason – looks more like David Schwimmer than Nicolas Cage. But this is not a very important problem at the moment, so let’s move on to the rest of the review, where the constant and endless criticism of The Soul Rider awaits.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I have not read the original Ghost Rider comic book, and maybe the pages of the comic book explain why the main character is at least strange, how he can fight and catch a helicopter with a long chain, when he devoted his whole life to jumping over obstacles on motorcycles and – let’s be honest – he didn’t have time to learn how to beat and use a long chain. And it doesn’t matter if the comic explained it, because the movie should explain it. Dot. And I’m not even irritated by the fact that Cage’s hero is a guy with burning hands and a flaming skull instead of a face – convention. It doesn’t annoy me that Ghost Rider rides up a glass (vertical, of course) wall to the roof of a building – it’s stupid. I’m not even irritated by the fact that Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider keeps making gestures with his right hand and index finger, as if he was about to sing “Love me tender” – a profanation.

What annoys me is that after transforming into Ghost Rider, Cage’s hero suddenly gains some strange abilities. Where, why, how? Damn, have mercy. It’s a bit as if Cage was leaving the stage and a completely different character took his place, from another fairy tale, from another movie, having nothing to do with the motorcycle stuntman – well, maybe apart from extreme motorcycle riding and the previously mentioned “Love Me tender” without “Love me tender“. When Jim Carrey in The Mask transformed into The Mask, the green madman was Stanley Ipkiss multiplied by 100, empowered. Exaggerated, unpredictable, but still with the character traits of the man who was hiding under the mask. When night falls in Ghost Rider and the dark version of Johnny Blaze comes to the fore, the transformed character has little in common with his owner. I’m leaving aside such an obvious issue as the fact that Ghost Rider doesn’t look like Cage and doesn’t have his facial expressions. Because it can’t have it, after all, Ghost Rider is just a talking, digital skull wrapped in even more digital flames. Animated in such a way that it brings to mind the intro of an average computer game, which is a big disadvantage for a character that rages around the screen for quite a long time.

Cage is different, but not much better. Having experience with a split personality from the set of Face/Off , he darts left and right quite skillfully, making strange faces like: “There’s something bad inside me, take it out!” So Cage tries. He tries to give his character some character, color, tone, some feature. But the only scratch is the one from the knife on the back, after Ghost Rider‘s night action. Jokes aside. Johnny Blaze is essentially a tragic hero, a lost man who fights for a second chance after making a fatal mistake in his youth. He is a loner who in the morning jumps through 6 Black Hawk helicopters on his motorcycle (jiiiiz, what a scene… not very exciting and tragically exaggerated), at noon he eats jelly from a glass, and in the evening he watches a monkey practicing karate on the TV and bursts into laughter as if he just heard the funniest joke in the world and he was about to die from it. Strange Johnny Blaze, strange Ghost Rider and strange Cage in this movie. I can not help it. But the strangest are the villains: guys from hell, devoid of any charisma or class. The villains are so sexless that… we will call them gray characters, because there is definitely no acting or script dye for the black characters. So the gray characters kill everything that runs and doesn’t run away to the tree, they jump out suddenly with an ominous “Boo!” on the lips and they can’t scare anyone.

The plot of Ghost Rider is a conglomeration of comic book patterns. The hero meets a girl, the hero experiences a tragedy, the hero goes away, leaving the woman, and after some time they meet. Finally, the gray character comes – in this case – the hero discovers his super-powers, the gray character discovers the weak point of the white hero (the woman – what a novelty!), he kidnaps her and gets the final punch because the positive hero doesn’t kidnap the woman of his life. The only woman a positive hero can kidnap is his mother in law. But super-heroes don’t have wives – and therefore mothers-in-law – because the movie would end when she was kidnapped. Coming back to the point, i.e. the plot, the screenwriters should be praised for the innovative “saving the world” plot, which has not been present in any film so far, and the “great” idea of ​​sending Ghost Rider… to the swamps. The scenery is just like in The Empire Strikes Back . I was just waiting for Yoda to jump on Ghost Rider and catch fire. Because what else can you do in the swamps?

Paradoxically, I don’t regret going to the cinema! I received a large dose of emotions, great editing, amazing sound and visual effects and an unforgettable atmosphere of danger and a powerful, spectacular battle. And all this within a few dozen seconds – in the Transformers trailer before the Ghost Rider movie.

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