French Light Films to Get in the Mood

French Light Films to Get in the Mood
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Me, Myself and Mum


Me, Me, and Mama Again is a one-man creation. Guillaume Gallienne not only made this film from his own screenplay, or rather from his own autobiographical play, but he also played the lead role. And not just one! In fact, he played both the main character and his mother! The plot is that the main character, also called Guillaume, adores his mother and wants to be like her in everything, adopting her habits, manner of speaking, and gestures. This behavior confuses his father, who decides to send Guillaume away from prying eyes to a closed college. The film has received many positive reviews, two awards from the Cannes Film Festival, and five César awards, including Best Film, Best Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

La Famille Bélier


At the center of the plot of this picture is the Bélier family, which is different from the average family. What makes it different is that everyone in it is deaf and mute, except for young Paula, who is the link to the outside world for her parents and brother, the farm owners. So imagine what it’s like for a 16-year-old girl at the gynecologist to deal with her parents’ intimate lives? Or answering constant questions from customers as to why her mother, a cheese seller, and farmer, is always smiling and silent? Now imagine what it’s like for her family to watch her daughter perform and not hear a peep. What’s to imagine? Just watch.

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