Four Splendid Movies you need to watch in 2021

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Putlockers has made a random list of some splendid movies that you need to watch right now. All these movies are available for free on our website.

  • After

Tessa is a good student and an obedient daughter. Hardin – handsome and dangerous rebel. Tessa’s life turned upside down after entering college and moving to a student’s residence. Breaking away from a too caring mother and too “right” boyfriend Noah, freshman Tessa finds herself in a dubious company of neighborhood party girls. In the hostel, she meets a selfish girl’s pet and arrogant cynic Hardin, who is looking for a way to hurt Tessa and achieve good grades in class.

  • Overboard

The single mother of three daughters Kate, Sullivan & barely makes ends meet and spins on several works. She is hired to clean the carpets on the yacht of Mexican billionaire Leonardo Montenegro, who treats the service staff like second-class people. He insults Kate, fires her for disobedience, and throws her priceless vacuum cleaner overboard. But already at night, as a result of the accident, Leonardo himself is overboard. Having received a head injury, he wakes up already on the shore and remembers nothing about his personality. Kate finds out in the news about the “unidentified Mexican” and decides to punish him. Passing himself off as his wife, Kate takes the rich playboy to his humble home, introduces him to his daughters, and makes him work hard.

  • Runaway bride

Maggie Carpenter is a charming and beautiful girl. The girl has an unpleasant habit – she runs away from her own weddings without reaching the altar a few steps. Such unpleasantness has happened to her three times already. Maggie had several failures with men, and now the very thought of marriage scares her.

The whole neighborhood laughs at the girl and calls her a “runaway bride. Maggie’s fame even gets to New York, where journalist Ike Graham writes an article about an “escaped bride. But he does not bother to check the facts, calling her “a manly and insatiable goddess” and claiming that there were as many as seven failed weddings. Ike is accused of slander and dismissed from the newspaper. The journalist goes to the small town of Hale in Maryland to write another article about Maggie and to establish his opinion of the bloodthirsty eater of men’s hearts. Especially since the “runaway bride” again gathered under the crown. This time she is marrying the coach of the local school soccer team Bob.

  • Bleeding Heart

Lenny is almost thirty, but he acts like a teenager, spending all his time and his father’s money on parties, drinks, and entertainment. David is only fifteen, but his life is full of restrictions and fears because of deadly heart disease. When Lenny performs another hooligan prank, his father, a successful cardiologist, entrusts his son to take care of David. Doctors have already warned the boy that he has no chance to reach adulthood. The more David wants to “taste” adult life: get behind the wheel of a car, record his own song, confess his love to a beautiful girl… Lenny helps his ward and his younger friend to fulfill the list of cherished desires. We recommend you to watch all these movies on Putlocker for Free.

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