Find Best Drama Movies & TV Shows Online on Disney+ Hotstar

Find Best Drama Movies & TV Shows Online on Disney+ Hotstar
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Into the Wild

(2007) Drama / Adventure

Into the wild is perhaps the most popular film of the last decade. Sean Penn tells the story of Christopher McCandless: a boy from West Virginia who after graduation decides to embark on a solo journey for two years until he arrives in Alaska and lives for a few months on an abandoned bus. Playing the young boy is Emile Hirsh who is perfect for the part and portrays the character beautifully. The film is based on Jon Krakauer’s book Into the Wild. Sean Penn manages to make a perfect picture of Christopher McCandless. He simply tells the boy’s dreams and anxieties, through a road movie in which all the sensitivity of the protagonist is captured and not portraying him as a modern hero or a martyr of the consumer society.

The film is built on flashbacks that break between the present and the past, thus making the viewer autonomous in reconstructing the pieces of the story. All this is made even more impactful thanks to a splendid work of photography aimed at enhancing the natural and uncontaminated landscapes of North America; intensifying the nature-civilization dichotomy from which Chris escapes. The film was received positively by both critics and audiences enough to make the Magic Bus, where Chris lived in Alaska, a destination for adventure enthusiasts. drama movies into the wild.

Honor Your Father and Mother

(2007) Drama

We couldn’t help but include Sydney Lumet’s latest work, which, in reality, is a mix between drama and thriller. Andy ( Philip Seymour Hoffman ) and his brother Hank ( Ethan Hawke ) are in desperate need of money and decide to organize a robbery of their parent’s jewelry store for which they hire a third accomplice. However, the plan does not go as planned: the third robber is killed and the mother of the two brothers is seriously injured. Andy and Hank will have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

“Before the devil knows you’re dead”, this is the original title of the film, refers to an ancient Irish saying, “May you get to heaven half an hour before the devil realizes you’re dead”, perfect to describe the situation of destruction, infidelity, a betrayal that is created in the story staged by Lumet. The structure of the work is composed of various pieces of a puzzle that will be reunited with the passage of tim. The use of flashbacks that increases the drama and tension of the film. But the real strength of the film is the actors that Lumet directs to perfection. honors father drama films

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

(2009) Drama /Family /Biography

Well, how not to enter a drama like Hachiko? The story on which Lasse Hallström ‘s film is based has touched and moved generations of people from all over the world. Hachi is Parker’s ( Richard Gere ) dog and waits for every day at the station for his master to return from work. One day, however, Parker has a cardiac arrest and dies. Hachi continues to go to the station every day for 9 years waiting for the master.

Hachiko is the kind of movie where you can’t help but cry. Not only the spectator who has a dog cries but also those who don’t have one cannot hold back the tears. In this case, it is the story itself that is dramatic. Yes, it’s a drama film but not only. Hachiko’s story is a story of love, fidelity, friendship, and devotion. It is a story that needed to be told and Hallström does it respectfully. The wonderful soundtrack composed by Jan AP Kaczmarek also contributes to making the film more exciting. Hachiko drama movies

The Secret in Their Eyes

(2009) Crime /Thriller

Juan Josè Campanella’s film is one of the best Argentine films of recent times. That prompted Americans to make a remake, which, however, fails to keep up with the original. Benjamín Esposito ( Ricardo Darín ), retired after 25 years of service as a federal agent of the Public Prosecutor. He decides to devote himself to writing a novel. The thought goes to an unsolved case that continues to haunt him. That of a woman killed and raped in the 1970s. Benjamín continues with the search for him having to come to terms with a love that has never lived. It is a complicated past, and the truth about the woman’s death that he can’t forget.

Campanella stages a film that is simultaneously dramatic, thriller, political and sentimental. The innovative structure of the film manages, through continuous flashbacks. Thus, It is not to make the viewer lose concentration, cannot take his eyes off the screen. The events of the two different eras are shown alternately. This fits together perfectly in a film that does not forget to highlight feelings. The direction, the screenplay, and the interpretation of the actors are just some of the elements. Which contributed to the film’s victory of the Oscar for best foreign film. the secret of his eyes drama movies

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