Films To Watch In October 2021

Films To Watch In October 2021

Ma Ma, 2015

Do you recognize it? Yes, that’s Penelope Cruz. In Ma Ma, the actress played the role of a talented teacher and loving mother Magda, who gathers all her strength to defeat the disease and regain her right to live and be happy.

Woman in Gold, 2015

The main character (Helen Mirren) has experienced pain and separation in her life. But now she is trying to get justice by returning a painting to her family. This is the story of one woman’s struggle against an entire state. A film about values and the past worth honoring and remembering.

Mad Max: Fury Road , 2015.

Although the film has a male name, the protagonist is unequivocally a woman. A woman in a post-apocalyptic world who was able to succeed and then actually raise a revolution. The gorgeous Charlize Theron embodied the image of an angry woman seeking her own paradise, saving her kind from an uneducated bigoted society. And even though she has so much pain and suffering in her eyes and a metal prosthetic arm, she is still beautiful and feminine.

Age of Adaline, 2015.

What does it feel like to outlive a loved one? How does it feel to never age, to forbid yourself to get close to people and to constantly move from place to place so that no one finds out your secret? How does it feel to see your only daughter grow old before your eyes, and to know that she will go to another world before you do? “Age of Adaline” is a heartwarming romantic film, while also being very beautiful.

Macbeth, 2015.

Another adaptation of Shakespeare’s immortal work. The story of the hero who fight villain in rugged snow-covered mountains of Scotland. Macbeth is always at war, and his wife, who has recently lost a child, fears losing her husband as well. To keep him by her side, she begins her project to eliminate rivals in the fight for the royal crown.

Suffragette, 2015.

Suffragette are also ordinary women, loving wives and mothers, someone’s daughters, who are concerned not only with lofty questions about abstract equality, but also with the problems they face every day: the inability to protect themselves from sexual harassment at work and from beatings at home, lower wages than men for the same work, the lack of rights to their own children.

Mom, 2015.

The protagonist, director Margarita, makes a film about a workers’ strike, argues with a new actor from Hollywood, has difficulty understanding her daughter, and in the background a severe illness gradually takes over her mother. Throughout the film, Marguerite recalls moments in her life, conversations with her mother, and changes her attitude toward people and herself. After watching the film, this film won the ecumenical jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival becomes clear.

Joy, 2015

“Joy” is based on the story of Joy Mangano, A single mother from Long Island who invented the self-extracting miracle mop after becoming disillusioned with conventional ones. As a result, she became one of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs!

The Dressmaker, 2015.

A glamorous woman returns to her hometown, where she left as a child after being accused of murder. The people of the town don’t accept her at first, but gradually she wins the favor of the local women’s thanks to her wit and ability to cut flawless outfits. And, yes, the outfits are gorgeous.

Room, 2015

The story centers on a mother and son who have long been living captive to a maniac, in a cramped room. Not only that, the child was born in this room and has seen nothing but it, all the rest of the world to him are flickering pictures on TV and a small rectangle of sky on the ceiling. But one day they decide to run away. On the plus side of the picture, without a fraction of a doubt, is the acting. Brie Larson did admirably with her mission, which did not go unnoticed – She Won Academy Award for Best Actress.

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