Fall In Love With The Best Romantic Movies Of All Time

Fall In Love With The Best Romantic Movies Of All Time
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Pride and Prejudice


Pride and Prejudice (2005) is the flawless transposition (thanks to the direction of Joe Wright) of the famous novel by Jane Austen. The quiet country life of the Bennet family enlivened the arrival of some gentlemen. The sweet Mr. Bingley (Simon Woods) and the mysterious Mr. Darcy (Matthew Macfayden). And so, among the rural landscapes of late eighteenth-century England, we witness the labors of Mrs. Bennet (Brenda Blethyn), whose only desire is to marry her five daughters (without a dowry).

The protagonist is Elizabeth (Keira Knightley), the second child, a bright, intelligent, and sometimes cynical girl. She is completely different from the romantic and dreamy Jane ( Rosamund Pike ), her older sister. However, Lizzie’s certainties begin to waver in front of Mr. Darcy, so mysterious and apparently haughty… What if everyone was wrong about him? Pride and Prejudice is a gem that perfectly captures all the elegance of Jane Austen’s typical universe between dances, marriage proposals, and unspeakable secrets. One of the quintessential romantic films.

Love Doesn’t Go on Vacation


Would you ever move house with a complete stranger for a while? Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and Iris (Kate Winslet) decided to do it during the Christmas holidays. It seems that both have chosen to completely change the air. It moves from hot Los Angeles to a freezing cottage in England (and vice versa) – following a bad disappointment in love. Amanda was in fact betraying her boyfriend, while Iris is the victim of an inexorable unrequited love.

And so Iris comes into contact with friends (Jack Black) and neighbors of Amanda. She, on the other hand, establishes a special bond with Iris’ brother (Jude Law). Then the protagonists, in a foreign environment, will know parts of themselves that in their comfort zone had remained only latent. The enchanting Christmas atmosphere makes this sentimental comedy even sweeter, in which there is also a lot of love for cinema and its professions. An absolutely irresistible romantic, light and carefree film.

Julie & Julia


Julie & Julia is a 2009 film directed and written Nora Ephron. It tells the story of Julia Child (Meryl Streep) through that of Julie Powell (Amy Adams. He failed writer who decides to combine her passions for cooking and writing by trying her hand at the 524 recipes contained in Julia Child’s cookbook; recounting her experience in a blog. In 1961 Julia Child published the cookbook “ Mastering the Art of French Cooking ”, i.e. a French cookbook for the American market. The inspiration for writing her book came while she and her husband Paul ( Stanley Tucci ) lived in Paris due to his work.

However, it was not an easy undertaking: it took the woman almost 10 years to complete the recipe book, and never for a moment. Despite the various transfers and refusals of the publishers . she leaves alone her husband. Julia and Paul were a slightly out-of-the-ordinary couple: Julia was exuberant and bubbly while Paul is calmer and more sedate. In one thing, however, they were the same: the love they both felt for each other. Even, in reality, theirs was extremely romantic love. For example, in the book “France is a Feast: the photographic journey of Paul and Julia Child”.

All the photographs taken in the everyday life of the two spouses are contained. In particular, there is a series of photos in which the protagonist is Julia, depicted in all her nuances. And it was Paul, in love with her as never before who immortalized them. Her in her small gestures and in their extraordinary everyday life.

Brokeback Mountain


Amor Vincit Omnia? In Brokeback Mountain (2005) the answer is, alas, negative. Ennis ( Heath Ledger ) and Jack ( Jake Gyllenhaal ) love each other in a violent and passionate way, which does not fade over the years. But how then can such ardent and intense love beats fear? From fear, from the shame of showing yourself to the world for what you are? The agricultural, bigoted, and conservative mentality of the 60s. The era in which the story takes place – would never have been willing to accept a relationship between two men.

For this Ennis and Jack must love each other in secret. The poignant love story between the two goes straight to the heart, for the sincerity of the feeling that the two are forced to suffocate from the beginning. The film is based on the story People of Wyoming Annie Proulx. Is devoid of those trivial stereotypes related to homosexuality, a theme that is instead addressed here with surprising and harsh realism. A romantic film that, we assure you, will not leave you indifferent. it seems absolute.

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