Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 Summary

Dragon Ball Super is getting a lot better with their new current arc. The arc looks fresh and has introduced us to some new characters. The previous arc was not that good. They copied some elements from cell games and the Buu saga, which was not a good move. 

 The new chapter 70 was released on the 18th of March. This article is a summary of all the events that transpired in the manga

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 Summary

  1. The manga starts with Granolah standing in front of the dragon. He wished for being the strongest warrior in the universe. The dragon tells him that he can make him the strongest warrior in the universe but on one condition. We will talk about this condition later.
  2. The Old Namek blames himself for Granolah’s action. Granolah tells him the news of his wish and tells him that he will be the one slaying Frieza.
  3. Vegeta looks pissed at the Oracle wish. In the previous chapter, the Oracle fish predicted that the balance of power in the universe will be changing and Vegeta suspects that his new power-up will make him the strongest in the universe.
  4. Granolah visits the Heeter’s Base. He confronts the leader and ask for the location of Frieza. The leader makes fun of him and tells him that he is not ready. Granolah beats some of his goons and ultimately gets the answer. The leader tells him that they are also searching for his location and when they will get the coordinates they will tell him. Granolah agrees and leaves
  5. At the Heeter’s Base. The leaders were discussing how Granolah can defeat Frieza and can replace him. This fight can be bad for their business and they have to get rid of Granolah. They are planning to pit the Saiyans against Granolah. The saiyans vs Granolah will be a great fight. 
  6. Let’s talk about the sacrifice Granolah has to make in order to become the strongest in the universe. Granolah has to sacrifice his entire life force. He can only live for 3 years. His kind is known to live around 150 years. The dragon gave him the power Granolah could achieve in the 150 years in one go, shortening his life force. 

The chapter was full of fresh moments. Akira is setting great details in the arc. Granolah is a nice guy, but the battle between the Saiyans and Granolah is invevitable. I can’t wait to get this manga chapter animated. It will take a lot of time though. 

The next chapter will be arriving on April 20. Until then you can read the summary of Boruto Chapter 56 on Putlocker

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