“Doctor Who”: Will Ncuti Gatwa Have A New Partner? Who Will Replace Millie Gibson?

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Is Millie Gibson, who partnered with Ncuti Gatwa in the new installment of “Doctor Who”, no longer associated with the series? The actress is reportedly leaving after just one season. Who will replace her?

Millie Gibson says goodbye to “Doctor Who” after one season?

Information about changes in the cast of “Doctor Who” came from journalist Nicola Methven from the tabloid newspaper “The Daily Mirror”. She claims that Millie Gibson, who played Ruby Sunday in the new installment of the series, will not appear in the next season. She is to be replaced by Varada Sethu. So far, neither the BBC nor the Bad Wolf studio responsible for the production have commented on the matter.

According to “The Mirror”, the decision to say goodbye to Gibson was made by showrunner Russell T Davies. The actress, who recorded one season of the series, will no longer appear in this year’s Christmas episode.

Millie Gibson has left, but a new companion has appeared, which is very exciting – says a source quoted by “The Mirror”. Russell works all the time and leaves nothing fallow.

According to the source, the showrunner was said to be very impressed with Varada Sethu’s talent:

Varada is a real gem, Russell was simply delighted with her talent. The cast and crew really liked her and we’re sure she’ll endear her to the fans as well.

How do we know Varada Sethu?

Varada Sethu is an Indian-born actress. Her most famous one is Cinta Kaz from the series “Star Wars: Andor”. We could also see her in film such as “Jurassic World Dominion” and the series “Hard Sun. Before the Apocalypse”.

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