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Gotham’s Prince of Crime. Resembling a clown or a comedian, and a psychopathic killer. The most recognizable villain created by DC Comics is inextricably linked with the character of Batman.

The Joker first appeared in a Batman comic book created by Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger, and Bob Kane. He is a serial killer and a world-renowned dangerous madman who commits extremely violent acts while disguised as a clown. He is widely regarded as Batman‘s greatest enemy, still alive and terrorizing Gotham City despite spending most of his time locked away in Arkham Asylum. The Joker is extremely dangerous due to his unpredictability and ruthlessness.

Most often, his actions require no motivation other than a sadistic desire to show people that life is all about pain and death. He sees Batman as his only worthy adversary and therefore he does not kill him, even though there are several opportunities to do so – though he has no problem in killing Robin or abusing Batgirl. Although he values his independence at various stages of his criminal career, he belongs to the Injustice Gang or the Injustice League. He stands out for his unusual sense of humor and uses self-built gadgets, which ironically makes him similar to Batman.


The villain’s popularity made him appear in numerous animated series, feature films, and computer games. The Joker first appeared on screen in a 1960s television series in which he was played by Cesar Romero. In the blockbuster film “Batman” this role went to Jack Nicholson, in “The Dark Knight” Heather Ledger (who received a posthumous Oscar for it), in “Suicide Squad” Jared Leto. The last cinematic performer of this role is Joaquin Phoenix. Depending on the story, the Joker’s origin story also varies once he’s a petty gangster who falls into a log with a corrosive substance (Nicholson), another time he’s a life-torn comedian (Phoenix), another time he’s the personification of pure chaos (Ledger), or a larger-than-life crime kingpin (Leto).

One of the most popular, comic book biographies states that the Joker was a petty gangster and sleazy comedian working at a circus in Gotham City. When he learned that his pregnant wife was dead, he refused to take part in a robbery he had devised himself, intending to prepare financially for the birth of their child.

His accomplices persuaded him to dress up as The Red Hood to distract the guards. During the robbery, there was a confrontation with Batman, and the escaping Joker fell into a vat of chemicals that irrevocably changed his appearance. In another version, the Joker (still named Jack), also a minor gangster, is disfigured by Batman, leading him to openly defy Gotham’s protector.

Although the Joker is undoubtedly a psychopathic serial killer, in the comics of the 1950s and 1960s, due to censorship, his actions were portrayed more as malicious pranks than violent crimes.

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