Dave Bautista In A DC Show? Or Is It Just The Actor’s Wishful Thinking?

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Dave Bautista

Is Dave Bautista gearing up for another collaboration with James Gunn , this time at DC Studios? Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking. The actor’s recent social media activities have caused consternation among fans.

Dave Bautista as Bane

The confusion was caused by the actors post on Instagram. He published a graphic by BossLogic, which presents the actor as Bane from DC Comics.

It looks like this:


Bautista’s fans know very well that he likes this character. In interviews, he has talked many times about wanting to play Bane. But lately he didn’t seem to believe it would ever happen. Last year, he said in an interview that he was probably too old to play Bane.

Despite this, he did not give up on his dream of continuing cooperation with Gunn. He even joked recently that he would come to DC for free if it meant working with Gunn.

Dave Bautista Is In Demand In Hollywood

Before James Gunn joined Warner Bros. He made “Guardians of the Galaxy” for Disney and Marvel. Dave Bautista was one of the stars of the show (and its sequel), playing the role of Drax.

Since then, he hasn’t had a moment for himself. He’s always in something big. He was in the cast of the science fiction show “Blade Runner 2049” and the horror movie “Knock at the Cabin“. He also often appears in comedies. And soon we will see him in the long-awaited film “Dune: Part Two” by fantasy fans.

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