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Chasing Raine (2024)

Chasing Raine (2024) Plot Summary And Movie Review

The film begins with an unfortunate incident in which Clyde Foxx, a soldier of the sea profession, waits for his next move on his sniper rifle. He watches as one man takes the lives of others ruthlessly and asks his superiors for permission to shoot. Having been told that all they can do is wait and watch while people are being killed, Clyde does what he feels he should do and kills the shooter.

Immediately following this, we see Sky win custody over Raine from Clyde. Sky’s defense against Clyde keeping Raine is that throughout his career he has had anger issues, drank too much alcohol, been violent, and everything else in between that would make him look bad in court. She now lives with Niko who she moved out to be with when she decided she couldn’t take any more of Clyde’s toxic lifestyle. At AA meetings whenever it’s his turn to share Clyde always shares that he wants to get his daughter back.

Why Does Clyde Kidnap Raine?

With full custody taken by Sky over Raine being left Niko suggests they go to Utah where they will make more money and it would be better for her anyways. Sky doesn’t want to take her away from her father because she feels like Raine needs stable environment but also thinking about the money so she gives it a shot by calling up Clyde telling him to come get some papers.

Knowing that Sky is moving out of town with their child in general makes him think that she is trying to keep her away from him on purpose. This plan also gets shared with Caesar one of Sky’s business associates who doesn’t want her going anywhere neither though. Caesar knows how to shoot guns because sky taught him herself while working at a gun store so anyway sky goes out for a deal one day leaving Joi the babysitter at home watching Raine.

Raine secretly calls Clyde and tells him that she wants to see him because he hasn’t been around in so long. Clyde knocks on the door shortly after Joi tells him he can’t come in without sky’s permission and so Clyde breaks in anyway then kills Joi so she doesn’t make a scene while he walks out with Raine since Raine is busy playing games on her phone and doesn’t even know what happened with Joi. Clyde puts her body in the trunk of his car then drives off.

How Does Raine End Up Inside The Racket?

Sky calls a couple times but neither Raine nor Joi pick up so she decides to go back home. Finds blood all over the wall and Raine isn’t there. She calls Caesar about it and tracks Raine’s tracker. Meanwhile, Clyde drops the tracker inside some random old people’s house where they live. Sky goes in their house, ties them up, realizes that Raine isn’t here it’s just her tracker.

To take care of the mess he’s already made, Clyde called his sister to look after Raine. While Sky goes into the old couple’s house, Clyde watches her from outside and gets into a car with Niko, driving away from there. Then Caesar goes to confront Clyde’s sister, and that’s when she realizes that her brother has kidnapped his own daughter. Anyways, later on when Caesar is about to get hold of Raine as Clyde’s sister says she is eating outside, they find out Raine isn’t there.

One of the restaurant employees mentions that an Asian guy took Raine away. Later we see that Raine was actually kidnapped by a bad person. When Caesar gives all the details to Sky, Clyde kills Niko and comes to get Raine. Clyde’s sister tells Caesar that her other phone is in Raine’s bag; they can track the phone’s location to get to her. Sky comes running as she prepares herself to confront these men so as save Raine.

Chasing Raine (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

Does Sky save Rain?

Sky attacks one of the goons and discovers this place is the organization of a secret prostitution racket where bidders have come to buy rain – somehow clyde also arrives at this spot They almost manage to save rain from these racketeers together.Rain is sold at a huge price to some old person who keeps her locked in room until clyde finds her.Later while caesar confronts clyde an asian guy intervenes threatening to kill rane if they make any move.

But then sky comes out of nowhere and accidentally Asian guy shoots at her.Later caesar kills Asian but it’s too late for sky now.Sky dies as caesar lets clyde walk away with his daughter because he remembers all clyde ever wanted was be with his daughter.When clyde decided move away it forced him kidnap her daughter.There was no way clyde could have known things would go this far.

At the end of the film we see Clyde is confronted by a lot of men who try to stop him from getting away with Raine.Caesar had always cared for Sky as his sister now when Clyde faced obstacles he intervened and helped Clyde win battle against racketeers.Raine departs with Clyde in very expensive car while news about secret prostitute racket is exposed in local channels.Sky’s sacrifice helps Raine escape from the situation and may even make clyde become better person so that she gets best life deserve.

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