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Catwoman (Selina Kyle). A burglar and thief in a cat costume. An opponent of Batman, but also an ally and even a lover of the hero. A character from the DC comic books and DC Extended Universe.

The creators of catwomen are Bob Kane and Bill Finger. She dressed in a cat costume, armed with a whip and she use sex appeal on her enemy’s. Over years, her outfits, motivations, and history have changed, but her objective never change (which involves stealing precious jewelry) remains much the same. Her relationship with Batman operates in a constant tension between antagonism and mutual attraction. Pursued by Batman for her crimes, but Catwoman is able to find her way into his heart.

On the small screen, Catwoman first appeared in the Batman series (1966-1968), where she was played by Julie Newmar and later by Eartha Kitt (in the feature film based on the series, she was played by Lee Meriwether). Since then, the character has been regularly appearing in Movies of DC Extended Universe. She has already been played by Michelle Pfeiffer in (Batman Returns) and Anne Hathaway in (The Dark Knight Rises). Catwoman is also one of the characters in the games Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2.

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