Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). United States Army officer endowed with cosmic power. A superhero from the Marvel universe. You can see her in movies, video games and comics by marvel.

The creators of the characters are Roy Thomas and Gene Colan.

Carol Danvers is an officer of the United States Armed Forces who, as a result of contact with the alien Kree civilization, is endowed with a cosmic power that give her superhuman strength, the ability to fly and control energy. In the Marvel comics, Danvers has many nicknames Ms. Marvel, Binary, Warbird and finally takes the name of Captain Marvel.

In the Film version with the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), a woman hiding on Earth under the name of Wendy Lawson. It is as a result of her actions that Danvers gains cosmic power, is drafted into the Kree army and takes part in the war with the Skrulls. The pursuit of the Skrull Talos brings her back to Earth, where Danvers meets Nick Fury and learns to use his powers to the full. After years in space, she returns on Earth to fight Thanos.

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