Bullying at school is a common and really terrible thing. Many students remember school as the worst years of their lives.

There are many ways to fight this, but the most effective is to show them how they look from the outside. Here, the movies come to rescue. And here are 10 films, which tell about the bullying at school.

Carrie (2013).

This is the third screen adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Carrie. The protagonist Carrie White (Chloe the Sea) is in high school senior year. No one is friends with her, she is constantly being teased. One day after gym class, Chris makes shower video with Carrie. The teacher intervenes and punishes the girls by forcing her to stay after class. Chris comes up with a revenge plan for Carrie. Meanwhile, Carrie finds herself with an unusual ability to move things by the power of thought – to put it simply, This helps her to deal with her abusers.

The Class (2007 film).

The film is about an ordinary Estonian school, an ordinary senior year and an ordinary student in that class. Jozep is constantly subjected to beatings, reproaches and insults by classmates. He is publicly humiliated by Anders, the leader of the class, and then by all the other children. After a while, Josep has a protector in the person of Kaspar, but this only exacerbates the situation and now both are already being bullied. One day the situation goes too far and Josep and Kaspar take a desperate step – they come to school with guns.

Speak (2004).

The film is based on the novel by Laurie Halls Anderson. It is the story of schoolgirl Melinda Sordino (Kristen Stewart). She – was the most popular girl in school – becomes an outcast overnight, closes herself in, silently destroys all the resentments and humiliations of her classmates. and one incident that happened to Melinda changed everything.

Confessions (2010).

A young teacher, Yuko Moriguchi, is grief-stricken and her little daughter drowned in the school pool. Yuko is sure it wasn’t an accident and her class members were involved. The girl decides to quit her job, but before she does, she has to give her last lesson, which will be a kind of revenge on the cruel and unprincipled teenagers.


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