Box Office USA: “Wonka” Again In The lead. “Aquaman 2” Is Worth $100 Million

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New year, old leader. In its fourth weekend in theaters, “Wonka” takes the top spot for the third time. Only USD 14.4 million was enough to win. However, the film was never in any danger and confidently beat the competition.

Thanks to this, the total revenues of “Wonka” now amount to $164.7 million. Therefore, it is certain that it will overtake both the seventh part of “Mission: Impossible” and the fifth part of “Indiana Jones“. If the film’s revenues reach PLN 180 million, it will be among the top ten highest-grossing premieres of 2023. This will be Warner’s second film in the Top 10.

Meanwhile, the second of Warner Bros. December premieres. – “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” – just reached the $100 million milestone. This is the fourth WB production to achieve this mark. And the 24th premiere of 2023 with such an achievement. It will soon surpass “The Flash” ($108.1 million) and become Warner’s third highest-grossing release of last year.

Unfortunately, this is the only reason for satisfaction because “Aquaman” part 1 grossed $260 million after 17 days of showing.

January has been a very good month for horror movies in recent years. A year ago, ” M3GAN ” earned $30.4 million, and two years ago, ” Scream” earned $30 million.

The situation is completely different with the romantic comedy “Anyone But You” . The film achieved something rare in the American box office and recorded a second consecutive increase in weekend receipts.

And after only a 12-percent drop in revenues, “Poor Things” overtook the new “The Hunger Games” and “The Boy and the Heron” .

During the second weekend of the new year, traffic in cinemas may increase because studios have announced three big premieres. Amazon’s MGM will release the thriller film “The Beekeeper” with Jason Statham. Sony will offer a surprising story from the time of Jesus, “The Book of Clarence” . In turn, Paramount will show the familiar-sounding “Mean Girls“. viewers also have the opportunity to watch Pixar’s animated film “Inside Out 2” in cinemas for the first time.

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