Boruto Manga Chapter 56 Predictions

Let’s talk about chapter 56 of Boruto. It’s going to be a killer chapter. Read my theories and predictions about the upcoming chapter in this article. Remember, if you haven’t read the manga of the series, then this article is not for you. It contains some major spoilers

Boruto Manga Chapter 56 Predictions

  • Training

We may be going to witness some training arcs in the upcoming chapters. Boruto needs to learn new techniques that can help him sustain Chakra and fight the new enemies. Sasuke might train Boruto. Sasuke is the perfect mentor I can think of that can train Boruto. Some other candidates that can train Boruto are Kashin Koji, Kakashi, and Orochimaru.

Kawaki will also start his training. He might train under the Hokage. Amado can also teach him something.

  • Code

Code is furious and wants to get his revenge as soon as possible. He is set on a mission to revive the Cyborgs. The Cyborgs are stronger than Jigen. He is planning to attack the hidden leaf village with the help of his Cyborgs. We will likely get to see Code attacking the Hokage and Boruto in the upcoming chapters. 

  • Hokage Summit

Hokage Summit will be the turning point of the story. Boruto is a danger to the village. Momoshiki can unleash anytime and cause havoc. Some Kage’s will be against Boruto, and that will cause disputes in the meeting. Naruto is not going to sacrifice his son. Things will get heated in the Hokage Summit

  • Time Skip

Time Skip is also going to happen soon. It can occur after the attack on the village by Code or after the training of Boruto and Kawaki. They could kill a major character before the time skip.

  • Amado 

Amado is hiding something from the village. He might be a key part in restoring Ishiki. Sumeri is suspicious of him. 

Where is the anime now?

The anime has just introduced Kawaki in the storyline. Animation has slightly improved. The story is also getting better. The anime is better in character development and emotional depth. If you want to watch the anime, you can start now. They will catch up with the manga. 

Where to read the next chapter

Mangapanda website is a great platform if you want to read manga on a desktop. You can also read the manga using the MangaPlus application on android.

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