Boruto Chapter 56 summary

Boruto manga is going really strong. The new chapter of the manga has arrived and I hope you have read the chapter. If not then read the chapter and then visit this article.

Boruto Chapter 56 Events

  1. Boruto is now famous in Konoha. He is crowned as the youngest hero of the village. The chapter starts with him giving an interview about his battle and his heroic deeds. He was feeling nervous and wants to get done with the interview but his friends suspected that he is enjoying the interview.
  2. Amado gave a new arm to Kawaki. He has appointed Sumire. Sumire is helping him in scientific work. But she is also suspecting that Amado is hiding something. Maybe Amado will reveal that Kawaki’s karma is back but this time he can control it or he is plotting something.
  3. Naruto and Shikamaru discuss the current events that transpired. They talked about the danger of ten tails and the potential of Code. Amado tells them the origin of the Code. The process of planting the Karma and finding the perfect vessel was performed on many babies. The perfect vessel that survived was Kawaki. But another baby survived without getting the Karma. His name was Code. Amado reveals that Code is stronger than Jigen. He also reveals that he has developed some cyborgs that surpass Jigen. Code worships otsutsuki. He consumed some power-reducing drugs for him.
  4. Boruto was worried and was sitting alone. Kawaki consolidates him and tells him that their bodies are 80 percent otsutsuki, and the process is still running in Boruto. He tells Boruto that he can give his own Karma to Code so that he can regenerate in Code’s Body as Code is the perfect vessel. Boruto hates dragging others but he does not defy this idea. So it can happen in the Future.
  5. Code wants to regenerate a Cyborg. A Cyborg that knows everything. The age of Shinobi will over soon if the Cyborg gets unleashed. And I think Boruto’s Manga is inclining towards Cyborg vs Shinobi. 

The manga was quite interesting with full of new details. Sadly, we have to wait another month to know more plot. Until then we can enjoy the anime of the Boruto

Where to read the Manga?

You can read the manga on MangaPanda or Manga Plus. If you want an ad-free experience then read the manga on Crunchyroll. We will soon come up with the next chapter expectations article. Until then, you can read some other posts of the Putlocker.

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