Boruto Chapter 55 Release date and theories

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Boruto started really slow and the anime received negative reviews, but the manga of the Boruto Series is Top-notch. The manga is dark and full of twists and when the anime adapts the major arcs of the manga, fans will be surprised.

When is the next chapter of Boruto Coming?

The next chapter and the most anticipated chapter of Boruto will be arriving on 19 February 2021. We only have to wait 4 days. Stay away from Boruto Communities to avoid leaks and possible plot spoilers. 

Boruto Chapter 55 Theories

This section contains major manga spoilers, so if you are new to the anime and never started the manga, then leave this page right now!!

  • Boruto’s New abilities

Boruto might use his newly acquired abilities to transport everyone back to Konoha. Sasuke’s rinnegan is gone and Boruto can create portals to the village. 

  • The Scientific Ninja Tool 

Remember the time Boruto was scolded and disqualified when he was using the Ninja Tool? Now that he has become a vessel and when his chakra runs out Momoshiki summons. To avoid that and protect his friends and village, he may have to permanently use the Ninja tool. With the Ninja tool, he will not run out of chakra and can use any Jutsu. 

  • The condition of Naruto

Naruto is not dead, he is just suffering backlash from his new form and might recover after receiving some health care. His condition might be serious but I think he will recover. Kurama can be in danger, he might be dead at this point and has sacrificed his entire chakra to save Naruto. 

  • State of Boruto

 Boruto will be captured by Anbu Black Ops of the Konoha by the orders of Sasuke. Boruto still cannot control Momoshiki, he can destroy the village if not captured. Sasuke will never risk Konoha and will take action on Boruto first. Some fans are saying that Kashin Koji will help Boruto escape from the prison and will train him. 

  • Hokage Meeting

Boruto has become a serious threat now and the fate of the entire world is at risk. Hiding this important fact is not suitable for Konoha. Sasuke or Shikimaru will conduct a meeting and invite every Kage. The meeting will lead to major arguments. It will be a serious chapter

  • The new Hokage

I think it will take some time to recover Naruto and the village of Konoha cannot be left without a Hokage. Shikamaru, Kakashi, and Sasuke are the most appropriate replacements until Naruto recovers 

Naruto will not die and the Time skip can happen in chapter 60 until then we can only theorize and discuss the possibilities. Follow Putlocker for more anime and entertainment updates like this one. 

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Where can I read the latest chapter?

If you have a subscription to Viz and Crunchyroll Manga, you can read the manga on 18 February. If you want to read the manga for free and on 19 February, then you can use MangaPanda, Manga Plus, and Manga Geek

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