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Bloodline Killer (2024)

Bloodline Killer starts on Halloween eve when Connor (James Gaudioso, Mid-Century, The Ghost and the Whale) sees his dad murdered by a masked serial killer named Skulleton (Adam Shippey, The Many Saints of Newark, The Family Fang). He tries to save him but fails; his mother Moira (Shawnee Smith, Iron Eagle, Saw X) only saves him by putting several bullets into the killer. That drops him, but while she wasn’t looking the body disappears.

At the hospital, Connor and his brother Michael (Drew Moerlein, Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose, South of Hell) almost get into a fight because Connor “couldn’t save” their father. Detective Cypher (Tyrese Gibson, Squealer, Fast X) and his partner Detective Fink (Kresh Novakovic, Midnight Hustle, The Night Never Sleeps) find out that a cop has already interviewed Moira in her room. And we find out that Skulleton is her cousin.

Elsewhere Samantha (Taryn Manning, The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, Every Last One of Them), the killer’s sister finds him and drugs him so she can take him home to nurse him back to health. “I’m a nurse now I’ll take care of you.” Then it jumps forward one year…can you guess what happens?

Director Ante Novakovic (Sanctioning Evil American Fright Fest) and writers/actors James and Anthony Gaudioso who previously co-wrote Medium and co-directed The Ghost and the Whale had me asking questions early on. Unfortunately they were questions like “Why is Moira hospitalized and how did her arm get injured?”

And that’s about all the mystery we get from Bloodline Killer folks. Despite its long setup everything that should be hidden until much later in the movie is very quickly revealed in the script. By the thirty-five-minute mark, when Mora is seeing her therapist Dr. Lucien (Bruce Dern, The’Burbs, Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch) you can connect dots and put much of the backstory together so there are no surprises later in a movie that still has an hour and ten minutes to go.

What’s worse is, the script keeps going as if there was some mystery to be pieced together. We know who the killer is and we know why he’s targeting Moira and her family but Bloodline Killer still tries to misdirect us because apparently the filmmakers think we’re too stupid to understand what they’ve shown us.

Instead we spend way too long with Connor acting like a dysfunctional asshole while his brother tries to get back together with his ex (Montanna Gillis, The Vatican Tapes, American Fighter) before Lee starts his dull and mostly bloodless killing spree. Moira knows what’s happening when the first victim is found of course but the cops of course refuse to believe her; they keep telling her he must have died from her bullets last year even after some of them turn up dead.

If this sounds like an attempt at starting a franchise along the lines of Halloween you’re right. And there are certainly worse templates for making a slasher. Unfortunately it’s done so poorly that slasher fans will end up wishing they were watching Busta Rhymes punch Michael Myers out in Halloween Resurrection than this mess.

Bloodline Killer is a slasher horror movie that lasts for 105 minutes which is very long considering it has no surprises, none of the scares actually work and just about nothing entertaining happens. Even the one potentially exciting scene, the final confrontation with Lee, is so dark that it’s like watching shadows beating on each other.

What I wanted was for Bloodline Killer to be a good slasher film and what I got was every mistake in the book being made time after time over and over again ad infinitum beyond any reasonable running length. There’s only one thing positive I can say about it: this movie will never become a franchise; any plans for sequels should be considered D.O.A after people see this.

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