Blade – a half-vampire who hunts vampires, a comic character from Marvel. He appears in movies, series and video games based on them.

The creators of the characters are Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan. Blade’s real name is Eric Brooks. During his birth, his mother was bitten by the vampire Deacon Frost, as a result of which the boy acquired some vampire traits, including slow aging, superhuman strength and acute senses.

Driven by the desire for revenge, he began to train in martial arts, and his weakness for melee weapons earned him the nickname “Blade”. His opponents are Deacon Frost, Dracula and Jared Nomak. On the big screen, Blade was portrayed by Wesley Snipes, who played the character in three films “Blade – Eternal Hunter” (1998), “Blade: Eternal Hunter II” (2002) and “Blade: The Dark Trinity” (2004). Sticky Fingaz starred in the series “Blade: The Series” (2006). Blade’s character has also appeared in animated series, incl. In “Spider-Man” (1994-1998) and “Mega Spider-Man” (2012-2017). Blade also starred in “Blade” (2000), “Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds”

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