Best Romantic Movies To Watch In February 2022

Best Romantic Movies To Watch In February 2022
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Romantic movies have shared a great fanbase for ages we have brought a list of movies which you’d love and enjoy watching with someone special. Here are some of the best romantic movies to watch in February 2022.

The Notebook

A classic of the genre. Of course, if you have to think of a cute, kind, and tear-jerking movie, this is the one that comes to mind first. A touching love story read by an elderly man from an old notebook to a woman in a nursing home with the young and beautiful Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling in the lead roles. A girl crying after an impromptu movie session is guaranteed.

This is forty

Pitt and Debbie are about to turn forty. They live with their girls and seem quite happy. a financial crisis is brewing in the family, and Debbie’s store has a sexy new employee that her spouse seems to be eyeing. The picture is perfect for those couples who have been together for a long time.

Easy virtue

Young Englishman John Whitaker falls passionately in love with sexy American woman Larita. A stormy romance, hot sheets, a quick marriage, and a tender honeymoon with romantic cocktails at the seaside… But, getting married, Larita could not even in her wildest dreams imagine what future awaits her – and she certainly did not know in whom she would find sincere support and new love.

Dirty Dance

The summer of 1963. 17-year-old Frances, nicknamed Baby, an innocent, spoiled girl from a wealthy family, is spending the vacations with her parents in a resort hotel. She meets Johnny, a handsome professional dancer sophisticated in matters of life and love. All in all, a classic.

Nine 2009

Guido Contini is a world-class Italian director. His work has changed cinema and the whole world. On the eve of the shooting of his next film, Guido realizes that he is exhausted, and his creative and personal life is bogged down in a midlife crisis he does not know what to write about, what will be the plot of his next film which has a loud name “Italy”. In search of inspiration, he remembers all the wonderful women who have ever been close to him.

Train Wreck

At first glance, Amy has everything a modern young girl can dream of – a stylish apartment in New York a job in a fashionable men’s magazine. But what about a good boyfriend and a stable family? Not in the case of Amy, who has been indoctrinated since childhood that monogamy is a fairy tale. She prefers noisy parties and casual hookups. Can sincere feelings change her view of the future?


“Love knows no boundaries”

Sometimes the phrase becomes true even in the geographical sense. American Scott, right after his high school graduation (at which, incidentally, his girlfriend dumped him in public), leaves for Europe to find a mysterious pen pal, whom he initially mistook for a boyfriend. After all, he is convinced that the beautiful Mieke is his destiny! It is advisable to watch this film with an open Schengen because you want to repeat the route of the characters immediately after watching the final scene.

How to be single

Tired of living with her boyfriend, Alice leaves him, moves in with her older sister Meg, finds a new job and gets a new girlfriend Robin, as a result of which she discovers that life is full of unexpected and pleasant surprises even when there is no steady partner around you. The original title of this picture is How to Be Single. A good reminder that freedom can and should also be enjoyed.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Joel and Clementine, once the perfect couple, decide to put each other out of their minds and turn to a company that erases memories. The paradox is that, in fact, their love turns out to be so strong that this rash decision leads to a very, very unexpected result. An option for hopeless romantics.

Becoming Jane

Jane Austen believes in love, and her parents want her to marry at a marriage of convenience: in England in 1795, the young woman had no other choice. However, when twenty-year-old Jane meets the charming young Irishman Tom Lefroy, his wit and audacity ignite her curiosity, and the whole world goes upside down. The picture with Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy once again allows us to speculate on the question of whether love is worth giving up everything for it.

I Love you man

Successful realtor Peter Claven finally proposed to the woman of his dreams and immediately encountered an unexpected problem. He has no best friend to whom he can entrust the important mission of the best man at his wedding: there have always been only girls around him. To find his best man, he arranges “short dates,” as a result of which he finds his complete opposite. The main roles in this charming comedy are played by Paul Rudd and Jason Segel.

Her 2013

Theodore, a lonely writer, buys a new operating system designed to fulfill the user’s every desire. To Theodore’s surprise, a romance soon ensues between him and the operating system. A magnificent Spike Jonze picture with Joaquin Phoenix in the title role and several wonderful actors in supporting roles.

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