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Movies not just for couples in love

If you’re tired of monotonous romantic comedies, then the new selection by Putlocker is for you. These movies feature all facets of love, as well as (optionally) action, humor, and even thrills, so you can watch them even if you (yet) don’t have a date for February 14.


Why not remember the most successful action comedy, which, by the way, was positioned exactly as a movie for February 14? After all, Wade and Vanessa’s relationship is just perfect.

500 days of summer

The main character works for an agency that makes greeting cards. He comes up with all those funny captions that you and I read. The young man falls in love with his colleague and decides that she is “the one.” But the 500 days of their relationship show the hero that the path of happiness is unpredictable, uncontrollable, and incredibly funny!

The proposal

A hilarious comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. The film’s protagonist is a strict boss who is hated and feared by almost all of her subordinates. The determined woman is ready for anything – even for a fictitious marriage with her young assistant. But first, he has to introduce the bride to the family… A great witty option for couples who like to laugh.

The Dreamers

Paris, 1968 – Student demonstrations, barricades in the streets, the smell of revolution in the air, but three young people have their reality, their world – the world of movies. Days and nights on end they watch movies and don’t leave the house… An excellent version to watch alone with an understanding person (but not the fact that you’ll manage to watch it to the end) or by yourself.

Annie Hall

The film’s main character, who works as a comedian, talks with humor and irony about his life and the people around him. He skeptically analyzes his failures in his personal life, which included several women he loved… On putlockers, you can watch the story of not only the beginnings of beautiful feelings but also of their natural extinction.

The lobster

One of the most realistic anti-utopias and a touching story of forbidden love. According to the plot, in the near future, single people are arrested and sent to a creepy hotel. There they are required to find a mate in 45 days. If they fail to do so, they are turned into an animal and released into the woods. So if you’re single that day, don’t hesitate, turn on “The Lobster” and indulge in reflection.


Alex makes his living by breaking up couples on commission. His sister Melanie and her husband Mark help him in this business. In their business, they adhere to an iron rule: not to touch truly happy couples and interfere in the lives of only unhappy people. One day Alex receives an order to destroy the relationship between Juliette and her English fiancé Jonathan. The problem is that this couple is perfect by all parameters, and Alex has sincere feelings for the charming Frenchwoman.


The main character used to be a great musician. Performed with friends in bars, loved a beautiful girl. But one day all this came to an end. On the orders of a man calling himself “Bucho,” he was shot in the arm and his beloved was killed. And now he is no longer the Musician. There’s no more guitar in his case.

The Addams family

The black horror comedy, released in 1991, is one of the most striking examples of a perfect family relationship in the history of world cinema. Infernal couple Martisha and Gomez are not only creepy but also delightful with their sincere love and unfading passion.


A funny and always relevant tale of just finding a fat green ogre like yourself to be completely happy.

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