Best Netflix and Chill Movies For Couples To Watch Now

Best Netflix and Chill Movies For Couples To Watch Now
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Dangerous Liaisons

The protagonists of the film, distributed exclusively by the streaming platform, are Paola Locatelli and Simon Rérolle, flanked by Ella Pellegrini, Jin Xuan Mao, Oscar Lesage, Alexis Michalik, and Nicolas Berno. The direction is instead entrusted to Rachel Suissa, who also wrote the film, inspired by the novel of the same name by Pierre-Ambroise-François Choderlos de Laclos. Dangerous Liaisons was the original title of the film. 

After the success obtained in 2020 with “Sotto il sole di Riccione,” a title inspired by the homonymous song by Tommaso Paradiso, Netflix tries to replicate the effects with the sequel that takes place instead in Amalfi. The protagonists are still the same, involved in new and exciting stories. Camilla, who has finally returned to Italy, can be together with Vincenzo again, while Furio continues to woo all the girls who come within range. But adults also have something to solve, like Irene and Lucio. 

The rich cast sees Ludovica Martino, Lorenzo Zurzolo and Davide Calgaro return to the screen, together with the well-known Isabella Ferrari and Luca Ward. Kishan Wilson, Nicolas Maupas, Andrea Occhipinti, and the well-known face of Italian television Raz Degan also star in the film. The direction is entrusted to Martina Pastori. The screenplay is instead signed by Caterina Salvadori, Enrico Vanzina, and Ciro Zecca. Manufactured by Lucky Red. 

I Hate Summer 

The sixth film of the comic trio Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo directed by the Lombard Massimo Venier, after Three men and a leg, So is life, Ask me if I’m happy, The legend of Al, John, and Jack and You know Claudia? Dated 2020, it is one of the last films to be released in theaters before the pandemic, but the third at the box office, undermined only by the phenomena of Me against You and Checco Zone. The film, as always autobiographical and ironically self-referential, tells the story of three fathers of families, struggling with the summer holidays and all the family problems related to them. 

As always, Medusa Film has produced the comedy, always ready to support the ingenuity of these three artists. The cast is also enriched by Lucia Mascino, Carlotta Natoli, Roberto Citran, Maria Di Biase, Michele Placido, Pietro Ragusa, Francesco Brandi, Emanuel Caserio, and Massimo Ranieri in the role of himself. 

The Prince & Me

Martha Coolidge directed a romantic comedy in 2004 that made young girls all over the world fall in love. The plot takes place in the United States but revolves around the Prince of Denmark, Edvard, and a shy Winsconsin student, Paige Morgan. As in the most classic romantic fairy tales, the two will soon find love, not without going through many small and big difficulties. But the finale will leave viewers stunned, and that’s what makes this film a hit, boasting several sequels. 

In the cast, we find Julia Stiles, who plays the protagonist, and Luke Mably, who instead plays the role of the prince. Together with them were also Ben Miller, James Fox, Miranda Richardson, Alberta Watson, Stephen O’Reilly, Elisabeth Waterston, and Eliza Bennett. The screenplay is by Jack Amiel, Michael Begler, and Katherine Fugate. The peculiarity of this film is that it was curiously shot the same year that the King of Denmark got married to a girl of noble origins. 

Special Agent

David Charon directs a very funny comedy that has revived French comedy cinema. After finding the lifeless body of a young woman, the wife of a prominent trade unionist, all suspicions were conveyed to her neighbor. It is at that moment that a truly particular pair of agents are created, made up of a true mastiff of the rules, who will often disagree with the other component, a hothead originally from the urban suburbs. Netflix also offers the sequel, Two Very Special Agents 2, on its platform. In this new chapter, the two agents will team up again, after having separated, to fight against drug trafficking. 

The cast of protagonists is composed of the Parisian Laurent Lafitte and Omar Sy, star of the planetary success Almost friends. Together with them were also Iza Higelin, kickboxer Jo Prestia, Dimitri Storage, Marie-Christine Adam, and Jean-Louis Tilburg. The film is shot entirely in Paris, to pay homage to the city from which the strange couple was born. 

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