Best Movies with Dangerous Creatures

We all love fiction movies with dangerous creatures in it. We have seen many different types of dangerous creatures in movies which are of different size, shape and species.

Here we bring a list of some best movies with dangerous creatures:

Toxic Shark

A gigantic poisonous shark is found in the sea who haunts the island and guests enjoying vacation there. It’s difficult to believe how a shark could be poisonous and is able to toxify the sea water in the surroundings.


Its amongst all time hit movies with dangerous creature i.e. Dinosaur. Out of nowhere a dinosaur comes to the city of New York and makes shelter in Madison Square Garden where she gives birth to hundreds of baby dinosaurs.

Jurassic Park series

Jurassic Park is a series of movies based on the wildlife park which contains various dangerous creatures mainly including the different types and dinosaurs. The story of all movies revolve around survival of humans however the story of the movie differs. There are a total 3 movies under this series.


A mysterious gigantic snake is unexpectedly found in the Amazon tropical forest. The snake is almost 60ft in length. A group of people are stuck in the forest hunting for the snake for trading their skin. There are various other movies that relate to it however, this one is still the most favorite.

Piranha 3D

Piranha is rated as adult but the storyline is very horrifying. It revolves around a deadly creature(fish) found in lakes which is known as piranha. This fish has a strong ability to chew almost everything including iron chains. A group of piranha attack the entire lake in the city.

Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter is one of the well known series of fiction by JK Rowlings. It has many adventures in the lives of wizards and witches. At every stage the movies involves weird and dangerous creatures to be dealt with Such as huge snakes, spiders, worms, etc. The story is not based on these creatures but also it is incomplete without them. The series has 7 movies .

Boa Vs Python

Boa vs python is a story of a team who is searching for herbal medicines in the jungle but they find out some animals eating those herbs which as a result have increased their size massively. As the name suggests, Boa is a type alligator and python is a snake. These two gigantic animal fights in the jungle and humans are looking out for survival. 

The Wrong Turn Series

One really needs a strong heart to watch this movie as it involves brutality. The series of movies involves dangerous creatures whose favorite food is humans. These creatures look like zombies but they remain unidentified. Beware of these man eaters. The series has got 7 movies.

Summary: Movies with Dangerous Creatures

These are some top rated movies with dangerous creatures. If you have seen some of them then, you would know how awesome these were. You must not miss on any of these movies, they are available on you tube to watch for free. For a more list of movies you can always prefer Putlocker. We also upload the latest movies on our website. 

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