best movies to watch with gf

Best Movies to watch with your Girlfriend or Better Half

We all love to watch movies and TV shows. We have brought a list of some of the best movies to watch with your better half, lover or fiance. As we all know that it’s valentine season and we must be showering some love to our darling ones.

Movies that we watch have an effective impact as per its storyline for a few moments in that ambience. Here are some movies you can’t miss to spice up your valentine season:

Mr & Mrs Smith

Mr & Mrs Smith was released in 2005. The movie revolves around husband and wife who are both spies as well hardcore assassin but they are both unaware about each other reality. The story goes up and down as the couple try to hide reality from each other which turns into adventure, romance as well as comedy. 

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing was one of my favorite movies in my early stage of exploring erotica. It’s a classic movie released in 1987. The story revolves around the couple dance form which shows the chemistry between the dancing pair. The dancing turns dirty as the closeness between the pair increases another level of erotica.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty shades is of the popular series with 3 installment of movies. The story revolves around two characters Anaesthesia and Christian who explore their sexual pleasure. Also, they fall in love with the virtue of time. The story involves Love, Pleasure, Pain, drama, romance and different forms of sex.

If you have missed any part of this series, then this could be your gamechanger in valentine season 2021. 

A Perfect Ending

A Perfect Ending is an erotic drama which features sexy mid aged girl. The story revolves around Rebecca who is upset with her loveless and sexless life. Since she had never had an orgasm, She is further suggested by her friends to hire a call girl service to quench her thirst for sexual pleasure

After availing the service Rebecca falls for a call girl named Paris. The movie includes plenty of sexual encounters and is a must watch erotica with you babes.


Titanic is a classic and unforgettable movie. It is not expected that someone would have missed it but in case you did, you must surely watch it. The story revolves around a gigantic ship made early 19th century, which is said to be first of its size. The main characters involve Jack and Rose. The movie is a mix of drama, romance, thriller, suspense and erotica. The classic love which is praised even after decades.

Endings, Beginnings

Endings, Beginnings is a romantic drama released in 2020. The story revolves around a young woman, Daphne who is exploring options after a major life changes. Her life gets a bit complicated when she meets two guys (Jack and Frank) to whom she is extremely attracted and who come out to be best friends. 


Disobedience is a one of the supersexy movies which involves sexual encounters betwen two childhood bestfriends. The story revolves around Rachel who returns to jewish community which left because of their orthodox thinking. She returns for her fathers funeral. Eventually, she meets her childhood best friend and realizes that they have the same feelings irrespective of their different paths of life.

The bonds get closer spice up super charged sex and regrets.

Final Words

We have shared some of the names of best movies to watch this valentine season with your loved one. If you have watched any of these then you must definitely be knowing how good these are.

Hope you liked these and the putlocker team will soon come up with more of such movie recommendations for you.

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