Best Movies To Watch on Putlocker In December 2020

Best Movies To Watch on Putlocker In December 2020

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Arthur Dent (Martin Freeman) is an ordinary British man who likes to drink tea in the morning and beer in the evening. His life is in trouble: the regional road building commission demolishes his home because of the construction on the highway. On the same day, it turns out that the aliens decide to demolish the planet Earth in the same way

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

A science-fiction comedy movie is one of the first successful projects of Keanu Reeves. Among critics. Plot: The film begins in 2688, where a man named Rufus goes back in time.


Plot: The main character named Sam has been living on the Moon for three years now. His contract to mine the helium-3 isotope from the lunar soil is nearing completion, and you can guess what will happen next

The fifth element.

Fancy and creative vision of the future with flying cars . It is difficult to define the picture with the frames of a single genre: comedy, action movie, drama, and historical tape. And together – a cult classic among fans of fiction.

Plot: Bruce Willis in the role of cab driver Corben Dallas reluctantly assumes responsibility for protecting the mysterious woman (Milla Jovovic) – the only one who can save the world from a submissive great evil.

The Detonator.

Perhaps the most mind-boggling of all the films about time travel, “Detonator” was first shown at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004 and then released in limited distribution. However, since then, the film has gathered around a cult of fans who dream to understand the intricacies of the low-budget thriller.

Plot: Independent scientists Abe and Aaron master something remotely similar to a time machine in a small garage. They want everything at once: the future, the past, love, money, and power. However, travel has a dangerous consequence – twins, which inevitably meet on the way and interfere with the original plan.

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