Coronavirus remind us that we need to be more humane to our society. with Putlocker, we remembered several films about homeless animals who found a new home.

Turner and Hooch.

Good American comedy of the late 80s, the main role is played by Tom Hanks. Found a dog at the crime scene Hooch is not just a silent witness of murder, but now an orphan, Detective Turner, who is investigating this case, take the dog under his care as evidence and a witness at the same time. The consequences will turn Turner’s entire house upside down. these guys will have to find a common language, which later grow into a strong friendship.

A Dog’s Way Home

Bella’s puppy grew up among a cat brood in the basement of a house. Her whole family fell into the hands of the dog-catcher service. thanks to kind and caring guy Lucas, who feeds homeless animals. He takes Bell home despite the bans of his landlord. Lucas trains the new pet and becomes her best friend, without whom she can no longer imagine her life.

Belle and Sebastian.

A touching friendship story of brave orphan boy Sebastian and the smartest white dog Belle. survived World War II and many trials, they happily healed in the French Alps with a foster family and three puppies. Friends are separated by a cruel man named Joseph. we will not tell you more then this. we don’t want to give you a spoiler. watch Bella and Sebastian on Putlocker for free.

A street cat called Bob.

Luke Treadway and red cat Bob in a story about a true friendship between a street musician and a cat who saved a guitarist. The film is based on the autobiographical bestseller of the writer James Bowen, “A Street Cat called Bob and How He Saved My Life”, which made it to the top of the most inspiring teenage books.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The main character Holly Golightly is a young girl, frivolous but quite pragmatic. She loves life, she likes to have fun, she loves jewelry from Tiffany & Co and does not want to think about where to get money for all this. She dreams to find a rich husband and live at his expense. In the midst of looking for a future life partner,


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