For some reason, we are all very interested in serial killers. Maybe because they think differently than we do, or maybe we are just attracted by danger. In any case, it is always curious to look into the head of a maniac. That’s why we have collected coolest movies for you about ruthless serial killers.

Zodiac Killer

YEAR: 1969

An unknown man attacks a married couple with a gun, and a month later the San Francisco newspaper receives an encrypted letter with a confession to the crime and a threat to kill 12 other people.

David Fincher is a great master of movies about serial killers, and this one is no exception. The movie is based on real events: there is a guy in the USA in 60 and 70, who, never got caught.

The silence of the lambs

FBI officer Clarice Starling investigating the murder of Buffalo Bill, who skinned his victims. The bosses send her to interview the cannibal psychologist Hannibal Lecter because he may have information on the case.

It was Anthony Hopkins who made Hannibal Lecter so famous, and then Mads Mikkelsen. The movie is also famous for the fact that it was only the third in history, which won an Oscar in all major categories of the award.

American psychopath

The rich businessman Patrick Bateman has everything: a successful career, attractive appearance, and a beautiful wife. But all this is just the outer shell. When night falls, he turns into a crazy killer.

The film was based on a book by Bret Ellis, which became famous mainly because of Paul Bernardo – Canadian serial killer said that the novel made a huge impression on him and he read it, “like the Bible. The “American psychopath” is considered a cult picture.


Seven days before retirement, a detective William Somerset is assigned a new partner – a young and passionate David Mills. Together they take up the investigation of a series of murders inspired by seven deadly sins.

A film by David Fincher has won over the audience with its noir atmosphere and has also inspired many directors: for example, the Rousseau brothers.


YEAR: 2003

30-year-old prostitute Eileen meets young Selby and falls in love with her. They run away together and Eileen tries to find a new job, but nobody wants to hire her. Eventually she starts to kill and rob her clients, but only those who seem scum to her.

Henry: Portrait of a serial killer.

Henry and his former cellmate Ottis live in a small apartment, drinking in front of the TV, chatting, and then go and kill people he met accidentally, constantly changing the methods of murder.

The movie tells about serial maniacs Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Thule, who traveled around America and killed random passers-by. This is a really creepy film, because the director made it completely impassive: he does not comment on Henry’s actions, but just shows them.

The Frozen Ground

Almost immediately after his transfer to a new department, Detective Jack Halcomb is involved in the case of Sydney Paulson, who was found chained in a hotel room. The girl points to the owner of the bakery Robert, but no one believes that such a decent man can be guilty.

The story of the “Bakery Butcher”, a serial killer from Alaska who allegedly killed 21 people, was taken as a basis. It is worth watching at least once because of the beautiful views and even more beautiful Vanessa Hudgens.

Memories of the murder

Investigation of the first serial murders in the country’s history. A detective from the capital comes to help them, but even he can’t find a maniac who rapes and kill women.

The South Korean thriller is based on real events, and until recently the name of the killer remained unknown. However, in October 2019, Li Chun-Jae confessed to the crimes.

My Friend Dahmer

Jeffrey is a shy and secretive young man with a difficult childhood. He also kills people, and he does it very cruelly and mocks the victims.

The movie is based on the real story of Jeffrey Damer, tried not to show shocking murders, but rather to understand the psychology of a maniac. Dahmer killed about 17 people, the court sentenced him 15 life sentences.


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