Best Independent Films Based on Women’s Life

Best Independent Films Based on Women’s Life
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20th Century Women

USA, 2016

The 1970s in the US were a time of punk rock, loose morals, feminism, and sun glare in photographs. (which is what the poster for the film looks like, by the way). The main character, Dorothea, played by Annette Bening, is constantly questioning her qualifications as the mother of 15-year-old Jamie. The second heroine is Abby. A photographer and active member of the punk movement, this photographer is recovering from a serious illness. And the third is young Julie, Jamie’s best friend. However, both Abby and Julie try to help Dorothea better understand her son. Director Mike Mills called his partly autobiographical film “. A declaration of love to all the women who took part in his upbringing, especially his mother and sisters. What did that confession turn out to be? This is a typical indie film with characters, images, a carefully reconstructed zeitgeist, and lively dialogue.


USA, 2016

A homeless girl named Tallulah wakes up in the morning after a fight with her boyfriend. Nico finds him nowhere to be found. Out of desperation, Tallulah starts looking for money, and, by chance, me. She meets a wealthy and absent-minded woman for whom having fun is far more important than her own one-year-old daughter. Tallulah agrees to babysit for a day for money. But, deciding that the baby should not be left with such a wayward mother, she kidnaps her. Eternal themes of love and motherhood, timeless values, and wonderful acting. You may have seen the duo of Ellen Page and Allison Janney in “Juno.” You get a good, solid drama that stands out for its genuine sense of warmth.

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