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Best Films Of December To Watch
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A Promising Young Woman

Emerald Fennell noted this for her writing and producing debut in season 2 of “Killing Eve”. Her acting work includes her character as Camila Parker in “The Crown.” You can view and download the Best Films of December here.

Her new film, “Perspective Girl,” reflects the director’s experience in the black comedy genre and again touches on the subject of violence. Moreover, Carey, played by BAFTA winner and Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan, dropped out of medical school and works as a waitress. After surviving a trauma 10 years ago, the girl has chosen a graceful way of revenge.

She contacts men in clubs in the evenings and drinks at their houses. So they appeared to be drunk. Those who were going to take advantage of the woman’s fortune would have to answer in full.

One More Round

The Danish director Thomas Vinterberg, famous for his collaboration with Lars von Trier in his manifesto “Dogma 95”, directed “The Hunt” with Mikkelsen in 2012, which became a jury favorite at the Cannes Film Festival.

Another One is the second duo of a director and actor. However, the film is nominated for an Oscar from Denmark in the category of best international film.

Mikkelsen plays a 40-year-old teacher who goes through a typical midlife crisis. Everything changes when he and his friends decide to test a theory. However, to feel creative and energetic, adults need to be a little drunk on the Best Film of December all the time. Critics noted that “Drunkenness has never been portrayed so convincingly on screen.” It premieres on Dec. 3 in the Netherlands and May 18 in the United States.

The Midnight Sky

Is it really possible to surpass the apocalyptic scenarios of 2020? So, if George Clooney, who is directing, producing, and starring in this sci-fi thriller, takes on the job,

Astronomer Augustine works at an Arctic observatory. The scientist is trying to warn astronauts who are returning from a distant mission on Earth about the disaster that has devastated our planet. To do this, he will have to overcome kilometers of snowy wilderness. The film is an adaptation of the novel by Lily Brooks-Dalton, adapted by Mark L. Smith, screenwriter of “The Legend of Hugh Glass.”

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