Whoever says anything, we firmly believe that women’s friendship exists. Finding real friends is not easy, and those who succeed are lucky. After all, it’s so great to talk to someone and know that you will always be understood and supported. If you’re still looking for such girlfriends or just love soap operas about women’s friendship, then catch our selection.

Gossip Girl (2007-2012).

Serena and Blair. Blair and Serena. A true classic of the friendship of modern girls.

This series is based on a cult friendship story about Blair and Serena. Their friendship has been tested on many times, from a high society struggle for influence to a guy’s heart struggle. Serena and Blair cursed and cut each other out more than once, but their friendship was stronger every time. This series shows us how to find the strength to forgive a friend, even if she did something terrible. As a bonus, there are many beautiful love stories. Watch Gossip Girl Right now

Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017)

The story of how to survive if you and your friends are haunted by a mysterious stranger. Who knows everything about you.

In this series, female friendship is tested for strength in stressful situations. Or rather, in a continuous stream of such situations. Spencer, Emily, Hanna, Aria and Alison trust each other with their most secrets. But the friendship of the girls creates a crack when Alison disappears. Nobody knows what happened to her. the girls start receiving messages from an anonymous person who knows everything about them. The “Pretty Little Liars” will show you that friendship can help you deal with even the seemingly desperate situation. By the way, last spring a spin-off called “The Perfectionists” came out. Watch Pretty Little Liars right now

Make It or Break It (TV Series 2009–2012).

Is there a place for friendship in sport, where everyone is for himself?

It is a series for those who like to watch the lives of ambitious athletes. Payson Keeler, Lauren Tanner and Kaylie Cruz are three Olympic hopes in gymnastics. They are used to each other and to healthy (ha, not always, of course) competition. But then a “dark” horse appears in their lives – Emily Kmetko. She comes from a simple family, and gymnastics for her was more of a hobby than a lifelong thing. But by getting to the same training centre as Payson, Lauren and Kaylie, Emily shows everything she can do. How will the girls feel about her new rival? And is friendship possible where only one gold medal is given?

Watch Make It or Break It right now

2 Broke Girls (TV Series 2011–2017)

What can combine a “princess” with a trust fund and a waitress from a diner?

If you are tired of drama and want to watch a light comedy series, here is the ideal option. Working in a small café is the beginning of an amazing friendship story for Caroline, daughter of a rich but bankrupt scrotum who now has to support herself, and Max, a simple girl who works two jobs trying to make ends meet. Such different girls have a common dream: they want to start a successful business and get out of poverty. What awaits them along the way? Watch 2 Broke Girls Right now

H2O: just add water (2006-2010).

Take a dip in childhood, feel the summer.

Did you miss fairytales of Disney? if yes then This series is just for you. The atmosphere of summer, beautiful beaches in Australia and a little bit of magic are the perfect combination. The lives of three teenage girls, Emma, Cleo and Ricky, change forever when, on a full moon in a magical cave, they turn into… mermaids. Watch H2O: just add water right now

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