Best English Hollywood movies to Watch on Netflix Now

english hollywood movies


(2011) Comedy /Drama

A violent gesture between 2 boys generates a real massacre at the level of convictions, principles, and philosophies of life between their parents who meet to discuss “as between adults” the aspects of the production of the event. A short film, only 80 minutes long, but to the point, with only 4 characters in the foreground played by established actors, with tasty dialogues, with humor, and directed by Roman Polanski. Enjoy!

The Descendants

(2011) Comedy /Drama

Far from being a reference film, Descendants deserves a chance. The story behind this drama is a “classic” one and the performances are good, but not great. However, the film manages to be enjoyable, perhaps due to the exotic setting in which the action takes place and the soundtrack. An easy film, with something subtracted here and there, a little humor, and only good for an unpretentious Sunday afternoon. Enjoy!


(2011) Comedy /Romance

It managed to pleasantly surprise me. The film shows in a pleasant and sensitive way how a crazy bunch of bridesmaids prepare and get ready for a wedding. I was expecting another movie ‘with chicks and for chicks’, but the carefully chosen characters and the way they interact generate scenes with quality humor and manage to outline a pleasant film even for the male camp.

Loose Cannons

(2010)Comedy /Drama /Romance

Who says it is! in translation it is an Italian drama-comedy that managed to enchant me. I liked the cursive action, the substratum story, the comic situations, the very good interpretations that create truthful characters, the created atmosphere, and the soundtrack. It’s hard to find fault with this film, which succeeds in a fresh approach to some classic themes. Enjoy!

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

(2011)Comedy /Stoner

Another film from the Harold & Kumar series, the third to be exact. If you have seen the previous ones in the series and liked them, you will also appreciate A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, which fortunately does not lower the bar. The same crazy weed smokers who get into all kinds of trouble, so fun is guaranteed. Enjoy!

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