Best English Hollywood Movies of The 21 Century to Watch Now

english hollywood movie


(2010)Comedy /Drama /Romance

It is a film worth seeing for the story that brings a touch of originality leaving the patterns a little and for the good to very good interpretations, Christopher Plummer was in fact awarded a Golden Globe and nominated for the Oscar Awards. Beginners are emotional and address sensitive topics of relationships between parents and children or those in hetero or homosexual couples. Enjoy!

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

(2010) Horror /Comedy

A crazy movie, a parody that has everything, horror scenes, comic scenes, and love scenes. A fairly successful 3-in-1 variety I would say. So we have the ingredients of horror, that is, a group of young people determined to hang out in an isolated forest, which intersects with 2 hillbillies with intoxicating behavior and appearance. I leave you to discover the chaos resulting from the clash between the 2 camps where nothing is what it seems, the hunter becomes the hunted, and parody is at home. Enjoy!

Red Dog

(2011)Family /Drama

It is a film for the whole family. A story based on real events that took place in Australia and whose main actor, as you might have guessed, is a red dog (no football allusion) smart and with personality. The film has comical moments but also emotional scenes that can touch sensitive chords and that bring to mind Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. If you are an animal lover you will appreciate this production. Enjoy!

Despicable Me

(2010) Family /Comedy

A very successful animation that brings smiles to the faces of children and adults alike. Undeniably, the characters are hilarious and cleverly created and the Minions and Agnes are adorable. I also liked Kyle, Gru’s “fierce” dog. Dialogues and funny situations are everywhere, so fun is guaranteed for the whole family. Enjoy!

The Guard

(2011)Comedy /Thriller

If you like British humor, you will probably like this comedy. In the center of attention, we have a flamboyant Irish policeman, a possessor of acid humor, a few extra kilos, vicious, and a bit racist. When the peace of his town is disturbed by the presence of drug dealers/criminals, he is forced to team up with a black FBI agent to catch the criminals. In fact, the collaboration between the two gives rise to funny situations and is an occasion for dialogues with quite a bit of humor. Without breaking the bank, The Guard is an original comedy with enough humor for fans of the genre. Enjoy!

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