Best Drama Movies That Will Make You Cry

Best Drama Movies That Will Make You Cry
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The Normal Heart

USA, 2014

While working on an interview with a guy who has HIV, we mentioned producer Ryan Murphy’s film. The Normal Heart, more than once. Murphy is openly gay and his projects (series “Glee,” “Pose”) focus on the issues LGBTQ people face—discrimination and stigma. The film is based on a script by Larry Carter, who also became the prototype of the main character. In the 1980s, the man in the film, named Ned Weeks, stood up for LGBT rights in the United States almost single-handedly. When people in his circle started dying of AIDS one after another.

This is a strong, brave, and profound film that will stay in your average heart forever as well. You couldn’t have it any other way. So well-acted. Six actors at once. Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons, Julia Roberts, Joe Mantello, and Alfred Molina – were nominated for a major TV Emmy. In fact, the film itself won an Emmy and Bomer also won a Golden Globe for his terrific work.

Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool

UK, 2017

“Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool” is a film biography of Gloria Graham, a star of 1950s films and Oscar winner. The film depicts a period of her decline interspersed with flashbacks. In the 1970s, Gloria meets the young actor Peter Turner, whose career is just beginning. They start a romantic relationship, and at the same time. The actress is trying to play in the theater, despite her deteriorating health. And when the disease begins to progress, Peter decides to move her to Liverpool to his family home. This is a story about friendship, love, and about caring for those dear and close to you. Starring the wonderful Annette Bennett (“All Right Kids,” “Beauty in America”) and Jamie Bell (“Billy Elliot”).

A Bag of Marbles

France, Canada, Czech Republic, 2017

The plot of the film is based on the autobiographical novel by Joseph Jofoux. Before publishing his book, Jaufou received many rejections from publishers, but when his luck smiled at him, his book became a popular bestseller. Just imagine the 1940s, France, occupied by the Nazis. A Jewish family who must save their children, Joseph and Maurice, from the Nazis. To survive, they need to leave Paris, but it is dangerous to do so together as a family. That’s why the brothers are the first to go to freedom. This is the second film based on Joseph’s book (the first came out in 1975). The new version turned out great, probably due to the acting of the child actors as well.

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