Best Drama Movies And TV Show to Watch NetFlix Now

Best Drama Movies And TV Show to Watch NetFlix Now
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Brokeback Mountain

(2005) Romance /Drama

Brokeback Mountain deserves to be included in our ranking as it represents that pure and convincing love, which explodes like a force of nature, that we all hope to experience at least once in a lifetime. A persistent and true love despite the conventions of the time forbidding it. Cowboys Ennis (Heath Ledger) and Jack ( Jake Gyllenhaal ) are two men. Who is hired by a rancher in a small town in Wyoming to transhumance the herds on Mount Brokeback? The two initially distrustful of each other will then find themselves very close and close. This is so much so that they become lovers. An overwhelming passion breaks out between the two that will accompany them throughout their lives.

However, the two lovers will try to adhere to the cowboy mask in every way, running away from their love. And taking refuge in the homophobic morality of Wyoming in the 60s. Ang Lee directs this pearl of dramatic and sentimental cinema, he tells of homosexual love. He literally strips the two men of the cowboy clothes seen in the westerns of the past. This is to give them new, more sensitive, and passionate garments. For this film, Ang Lee won the Academy Award for Best Director. drama movies brokeback mountain

Children of Men

(2006) Sci-Fi /Thriller

Alfonso Cuarón ‘s film is a hybrid between a drama and science fiction film. Which focuses on a possible dystopian future. We are in England in 2027 and for 18 years no children have been born due to infertility. Which has affected men all over the world. London is besieged by nationalist forces who want to expel the immigrants who live there from the country. Theo Faron ( Clive Owen ), a former political activist, is enticed by his ex-wife, Julian ( Julianne Moore. This is to participate in a mission to protect a young pregnant girl who could save the human race.

The story staged by Cuarón in his film, based on the novel by PD James, disproportionately reflects today’s reality. If we think about it. The chaos that now dominates the world, the progressive annihilation of human beings, war, and violence. These are just some of the themes. This is dealt with by the work of the Mexican director, who does it as only he can. The use of the hand-held camera and the sequence shot in numerous shots, but above all the splendid photography of Emmanuel Lubezki give the film a drama, almost an anguish, which will be constant for the entire duration of the story. Below is one of the most beautiful sequences.the children of men

Little Miss Sunshine

(2006) Comedy /Drama

The story is simple: Olive Hooper, a pretty 7-year-old girl, has the dream of participating in and winning a beauty contest in California. Her whole family also leaves with her: her father and motivational leader Richard, her mother Sheryl, her uncle Frank, one of Proust’s greatest connoisseurs, her grandfather “coach” Edwin, and her nihilistic brother Dwayne. One of the simpler stories on this list but with an intensity that is unique and hard to find in contemporary films.

In addition to making you reflect on life, on your choices, and on being happy, the film will make you laugh, cry, think and fall in love with the characters. Step by step you become attached to this family which, once again, thanks to the long journey from New Mexico to California, comes together to make the youngest of the group happy. Excellent writing and perfect characterization make this film one of the most interesting drama titles of the last twenty years. drama movies little miss sunshine

There Will be Blood

(2007) Drama

Daniel Plainview is a silver prospector and one day he finds oil in the western United States, quickly becoming an oil industry tycoon. Man becomes more and more greedy every day, a condition that will lead him to isolate himself and even distance himself from himself. The film is set in the early 1900s when capitalism and modernity are upon us. A dark period in American history, perceptible from the dark colors that permeate the film from beginning to end. Certainly a reference to oil, the object of desire of many men in that period.

Men are moved by the desire for wealth which leads them to enslave others just to extract the so-called black gold. A mineral that corroded America and its capitalist holders and brought millions of people to become one with the earth. A truthful and authentic film that depicts with extreme realism the ashes from which today’s capitalist America arose. Oscar to Daniel Day-Lewis who is the title oilman in the film. The Oilman is one of the best films by director Paul Thomas Anderson (here is the review ) that certainly deserves to enter our ranking. drama movies the oilman

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