Best 1990s Movies: Classic Nineties Films You Need to Watch

Classic Nineties Films

Edward Scissorhands

1990/Melodrama, Drama, Fantasy/USA

Many professionals call this film the best picture of Tim Burton and the best role of Johnny Depp, despite the fact that this was their first collaboration, which turned into a long-term creative partnership. Indeed, the film, stylized as low-budget 50s nostalgia, seems almost perfect in form and content. It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t even heard of him.

Barton Fink

1991/Thriller, Comedy, Drama/UK, USA

A unique case in the history of the Cannes Film Festival: prizes for one film at once for the best film, for the best director, and for the best male role. An unqualified triumph for the Coen brothers, an outstanding work about creativity and its bizarre and tragic connection with reality. The best work of John Turturro. Now pay attention. Oscar voted for the film in the nominations “Best Supporting Actor”, “Best Scenery”, and “Best Costumes”. The film did not win in any of them. No one has had such a triumph in Cannes since then.

Basic Instinct

1992/Mystery, Drama, Thriller/France, USA

An erotic thriller that instantly became a classic and influenced the entire subsequent development of the genre. In a sense, this genre was created in the form we know it today. The detective’s pernicious passion for the suspect, the sinister game of cat and mouse, Eros and Thanatos entwined in an embrace—all of this captivated the audience. The scene where the heroine, Sharon Stone, spreads her legs during interrogation has become one of the most quoted in cinema.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula


It is generally accepted that Coppola’s film failed, and neither the huge budget, the megalomaniac scale of the picture, nor the superstars in almost all the roles saved him. Indeed, the film turned out to be uneven and drawn out, and Keanu Reeves, who played the main role, did it phenomenally badly. But Gary Oldman played one of his best roles here, and no one seems to have played a better Dracula at all. And some scenes, such as the seduction of the protagonist by demons in female form, are simply masterpieces.

Batman Returns

1992/Adventure, Action/UK, USA

After a number of more and less successful Batman films, fans are foaming at the mouth as to who made the films better. But let’s not forget that it was Tim Burton who first proved that it is generally possible to make a truly feature film about a superhero from a comic book. And that the continuation of his “Batman” turned out to be no weaker than the first part, which is also a rarity.

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