Best Movies Of Robert Downey Jr

Beat Movies Of Robert Downey Jr

Comedies and action movies, historical films and fiction – Robert Downey Jr. can do any genre, and his acting range is really wide:

we offer a selection of films with the main “genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist”.


An unusual film is based on children’s novels by Hugh Lofting about an eccentric doctor of medicine John Doolittle, who knows how to talk with animals. His pets become his close friends and associates in the most unpredictable adventures and travels. He will engage in a battle with ruthless enemies, get acquainted with strange creatures and be forced to show great courage

The Shaggy Dog

THIS movie is about the extraordinary adventures of Dave Douglas, who after visiting the experimental laboratory has a number of questionable super powers.

Iron Man 3

The most dramatic part of the Iron Man! franchise After dedicated teamwork with the Avengers to save Earth from alien and New York from total destruction, Tony Stark realized his vulnerability, felt like a bug in a tin can and began to suffer from panic attacks. Stark solved his psychological problems with the help of exhausting work on improving the Iron Man costume.

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