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The Hunt (2012)

Movie Review How easily and, worst of all, with gusto, people are prepared to ruin another man’s life – director Thomas Vineberg tells us with his film. Once upon a time, an acquaintance, a psychologist, showed up on his doorstep to follow cases where fantasies replace real memories. He told Vineberg that he should definitely …

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Poetry (2010)

Movie Review “Poetry is a beautiful, deep and unpretentious film that won Best Korean film in 2010 and was admired at Cannes. The film’s protagonist, Mia, has three passions in life: a love of pretty clothes, flowers and her grandson. Later, another one will be added to them – poetry and the desire to write …

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Mustang (2015)

Movie Review The film tells the story of five teenage sisters in the care of their grandmother and uncle after their parents die. Their every innocent playfulness, their games and even their clothes are seen by their neighbors and guardians as a sign that the young beauties have gone astray. Who would marry such girls? …

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One Chance 2013

Movie Review Paul Potts’ story is similar to that of Susan Boyle, who has become a phenomenon on the British got talent show circuit: a humble, unsure of himself, whom the average viewer usually laughs at when he first takes the stage. and also he who desperately wants to make his dreams a reality and …

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Me too (2009)

Movie Review The Spanish film Me too is unique because the lead role is played by Pablo Pineda, an actor with Down syndrome. The protagonist, Daniel, is a university graduate with a good job, an art critic and a true lover. And he has one more chromosome. But the film isn’t just about him. It’s …

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