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Hugo (2011)

Movie Review Based on the book “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick, this adventure film by Martin Scorsese tells the story of an ingenious and clever boy, Hugo, who lost his father and is now all alone in the adult world. His thirst for new things and his thirst for adventure help him …

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Avatar (2009)

Movie Review The sci-fi film by screenwriter and director James Cameron was a masterpiece , according to most critics, an unusual gift for audiences around the world. The action in the movie unfolds in 2154. Mankind mines the valuable mineral unobtanium on the distant planet of Pandora. There are fewer and fewer energy resources on …

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Beethoven (1992)

Movie Review Movies about animals always occupy a special place in children’s lives. In addition to modern films that are full of special effects, we shouldn’t forget to show simple and heart touching pictures like “Beethoven”. This is a family comedy, the first film of the eponymous film series, directed by Brian Levant. Once a …

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