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Arranged (2007)

Movie Review This movie is an example of friendship that isn’t considered as friendship because of religion and cultural differences. Rachel and Nazira are both teachers at a school in Brooklyn. Both are somewhat introverted, taciturn and at the same time capable, having a vibrant personality. Only one is Muslim and the other is Jewish. …

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Now and Then (1995)

Movie Review Another hello from the ’90s. Thanks to a childhood promise to come together when one of them needs help, many years later four grown women – four cronies, four characters and stories – meet. They recall their childhood with all its joys, its confrontations with boys, its anxieties and adolescent experiences, its anticipation …

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Beaches (1988)

Movie Review This classic American film tells the story of two female friends who go through life side by side. The main characters are complete opposites. One has made a career as a lawyer, the other dreams of becoming a popular actress and making a breakthrough. During their 30 years of friendship, they have gone …

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