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Other Women (2014)

Movie review Pretty light and uncomplicated comedy to watch with girlfriends – just like the characters in this film. When three women are tricked by the same man, they have no choice but to band together and get revenge. Trailer Screenshots Cast Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton Movie Info Director – Nick CassavetesWriter – …

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Carnage (2011)

Movie Review “Massacre” is a film on the edge of drama and comedy that fearlessly mocks our modern, sanctimonious society with all its lies and political correctness. When the parents of two children meet in a room to find a compromise, nothing at first betrays trouble. But the search for compromise turns into a search …

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Bride Wars (2009)

Movie Review Another colleague of Meryl on the already mentioned “The Devil Wears Prada” Anne Hathaway also looks good in the comedy genre. Together with Kate Hudson, the star of romcoms, they played irreconcilable girlfriends who set wedding dates on the same day and are ready to go to any lengths to outdo one another. …

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Easy Virtue (2008)

Movie Review This film is probably a tragicomedy. It is both funny and poignant, the way it combines subtle humor, dramatic moments and sarcastic, ironic and at times biting dialogues. “Easy Virtue, 2008,” a British version of the “if your mother-in-law is a monster…” theme, – introduces the viewer to a young American woman, Larita. …

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Priceless (2006)

Movie Review In the best traditions of French cinema, “Priceless (2006 film)” is a light romantic film with its own charm and irony. The story is also very classic – a poor guy working as a waiter in a hotel, and an unavailable beauty who chooses wealthy men. Yes, Tautou looks nothing like Amelie here, …

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8 Women (2002)

Movie review A musical detective, spiced up with a good laugh and a great performance by the beautiful actresses, in 2002 it was awarded the Silver Bear. So it’s Christmas Eve, the French countryside, snowed in, and eight women who begin investigating the murder of the owner of the estate where they have gathered. And …

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