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Tony Stark is a Super rich entrepreneur and philanthropist, owner and CEO of Stark Industries. As a superhero, Iron Man Is a member of Avengers group, fighting in a specially constructed cybernetic armor. A character known from numerous Marvel comic series , the creators of Iron man were Stan Lee and Larry Lieber, and cartoonists …

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Doctor Bruce Banner a nuclear physicist (specializing in gamma radiation), He Become Hulk as a result of an accident. He become green monster with extraordinary strength and endurance. Hulk is a member of the Avengers, a character from the Marvel universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies who has appeared in comic books since 1962. …

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Story of Spiderman Superhero, teenager, high school student. He gains powers that give him superhuman strength, allowing him to walk on walls and shoot spider webs from his hands. Appears in Marvel comics, their are so many movies, and video games are based on Spiderman stories. The most traumatic event in Peter’s life is the …


Some Awesome Movies Of 2016 You Can Watch On Putlocker

High rise An urban fantasy about the inhabitants of an ideal residential complex. From the supermarket to the schools, the building has an abundance of infrastructure. Such isolation and close proximity of people with completely different needs and opportunities makes hostility in their relationship. And now the neighbors are already divided into warring groups, staging …

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10 Films About The True Spirit Of Christmas

Magic classic Shop around the corner, 1940 The film resembles a beautiful Christmas card, so atmospheric, soulful and sentimental. The small store “Matyushek and Company” has a friendly and harmonious team. One of his employees, Alfred, has been corresponding for some time with a charming stranger, whose letters he literally fell in love with. And …

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