Animes to watch in January 2021

The cold of January has arrived and it is the best time of the year to watch some high-quality animes while having a cup of hot chocolate. We have made a list of animes that you need to watch right now. All these animes are refreshing and entertaining. 

Animes to watch in January 2021

  1. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone is a very refreshing anime. Humanity has been petrified by a mysterious light. Every Human has turned into stone. After 3700, Senku gets unpetrified. Senku is a student who loves science and he must rebuild the entire civilization with his knowledge. It has all the elements of an anime. The first season has only 24 episodes and the new season is going to arrive on Jan 14. It is one of the best animes that I have recently watched. It has zero dull moments. You can watch this show on Netflix and Putlocker. 

  1. Naruto

Naruto is the most mainstream and awesome anime. It is very long, the original series has 220 episodes, and the sequel, Shippuden has 500 episodes but the entire journey is worth it. Every arc is intense and filled with emotions, joy, and lessons. You can skip most of the episodes, here is a list that has divided the filler episodes and the canon episodes. You can skip the filler episodes. But please watch this show right now to experience the best story and characters anime has ever given.

  1. Attack on Titan

Another great anime to watch right now! 

Attack on Titan is the most complex anime. It has a great story, great characters, and superb animation. Humans must face their strongest foes, Titans. Titans are mindless, large creatures that haunt the outside world. 

The final season is airing right now. It is the best time to watch this show.

You can watch all these refreshing anime in dual audio and with subtitles on Putlocker for free.

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