An Entertaining Film That Is Quietly Good

An Entertaining Film That Is Quietly Good
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Perfect Strangers


There’s something special about a film set in a room or a flat. So, three married couples and a divorced friend get together for dinner around the same table. Everyone has known each other for years and sort of knows each other. But at a certain point, someone suggests a game: lay out their mobile phones on the table and answer the phone exclusively on speakerphone. It’s not hard to guess that soon the mood of the gathering will noticeably change.

Hunt For The Wilderpeople

New Zealand

This New Zealand film has been hailed by many Western critics as a “freshly made, deeply felt tragicomedy”. Ricky Baker is a chubby urban hooligan and hip-hopper who is an orphan. In order to re-educate him, Social Services decides to send him to the remote New Zealand countryside, where the good-natured and very peculiar Bella and her taciturn husband Huck are willing to take care of the troubled teenager. But when Bella dies and the social services decide to take Ricky back, he decides not to return to state custody and sets off to conquer the New Zealand woodlands. And the unsociable Huck follows him. And while they travel through the woods, social services begin a real hunt for the heroes, believing that Ricky has simply been kidnapped.

Sing Street

Ireland, UK

Another film that deals with the theme of growing up are, incidentally, one of the nominees for a Golden Globe Award for Best Comedy or Musical. It’s the 80s, Ireland is going through bad times, and the protagonist’s family is falling apart. His financial problems created by his parents’ impending divorce dramatically change his life, and he’s looking for a way to really make a name for himself through music. The cast, the soundtrack, the plot—everything somehow came together in this musical drama, which the film critics couldn’t help but note.

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