After “Barbie”, Mattel Is Preparing The Animation “Bob the Builder” By Jennifer Lopez

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Bob the Builder

After the box office triumph of “Barbie“, Mattel hopes for further successes. It has just been announced that a cinematic animation “Bob the Builder” will be made. Latin stars have been associated with the project.

The new “Bob the Builder”. Anthony Ramos and Jennifer Lopez in the project

The animation will be produced for Mattel by the ShadowMachine studio, which produced the Netflix production “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio“.

The title character will be voiced by Anthony Ramos. The actor is known mainly for the musicals “Hamilton“. Last year he was the star of the show “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts“. The film’s producers include actress and singer Jennifer Lopez. Felipe Vargas is responsible for the script.

In the new film, Bob goes to the magical island of Puerto Rico, where he is to take part in the construction of an ambitious project. Once there, however, he will discover previously unknown aspects, which will force him to think about what exactly he has to built. Bob’s life’s journey is intended to be an opportunity to celebrate the fabulously colorful culture of the Caribbean.

“Bob the Builder” – a series loved by millions of children

Bob was born as the hero of the British animated series “Bob the Builder“. The first episodes debuted in 1999. The main character of the series was the titular Bob, who lived in a world where people and machines respect each other, cooperate and solve various problems. Bob’s buddies were: Scoop (excavator), Dizzy (concrete mixer), Muck (bulldozer), Lofty (crane) and Roley (road roller).

In 2011, the Bob the Builder brand was purchased by Mattel. The company resumed production of the series in 2015.

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